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Zaggora HotTop update

21 Feb

Zaggora HotTop results – week one

So guys, it’s already been a week since I embarked on my Zaggora HotTop challenge, so rather than bore you with a daily update of my gym schedule, sweaty upper body and ravenous appetite thanks to my increased workout regime, I thought I’d wait at least a week and bore you with it all then! (Chortle)

It has been a tough challenge this week trying to juggle my work schedule, driving lessons and gym routine but nonetheless, a very rewarding one.

The one thing I’m glad to reveal is how devoted I am now to my new Zaggora HotTop! Thankfully it dries quite quickly so I’ve been able to wash it everyday and wear it for each workout during my challenge, allowing me to burn more calories and sweat more with each workout.

I hate wearing my regular workout top now as it somehow doesn’t feel that I’m working as hard. I love how flat my stomach feels when I peel off the Zaggora top because of the amount it makes you sweat. However keep reading and I’ll let you know about my results so far after this summary of what the past week has entailed.

Monday: Unfortunately my usual spin class was jam-packed with eager spinsters on Monday, so I managed to squeeze in a quick 20 minute run on the treadmill before a 45 minute Body Pump class (which I love).

After the run I was already beginning to feel a bit warmer ahead of Pump, which gave me a great toning workout to help me de-stress after work. I didn’t feel that sweaty until I got changed but it meant any bloating from excess caffeine throughout the day had diminished. Result.

Wednesday: Didn’t manage to get to the gym today so decided to do an hour of Callanetics – 10 hours in 10 days – at home. This is a really low-impact workout but it works really fast at tightening and toning the body, creating lean limbs and sculpting the abdominals and legs. I felt rejuvinated after this and noticed that my waist had pulled in already just after six sessions. I feel more slender now that I’ve started doing callanetics and I’m really excited to see how much more my body changes after another few sessions.

Friday: I didn’t manage to work out on Thursday since it was Valentine’s Day so I was feeling a little sluggish and bloated after scoffing a delicious meal washed down with a few red wines. So I knew I really had to up my game on Friday.

Unfortunately there are no classes after 6pm in my gym on a Friday so it was down to me to motivate myself for a workout. I did a 40 minute run with my trusty HotTop on and followed it with 20 minutes of burpees, jumping jacks, bicep curls and lunges, squats etc. I was absolutely knackered after it but felt far better for it.

Saturday: Woke up on Saturday morning and was pleased to see that my bloating was completely gone and my size 8 skirt felt loose around my hips. It must be the HotTop and exercise working because I’ve definitely not been dieting. In fact, I’ve probably been eating more than usual in the last few weeks. So I headed off to a 45 minute spin class, done a quick run on the treadmill and then 45 minutes of Body Balance to really stretch out my muscles. I could see that my waist and arms looked a touch smaller in the mirrors.

Sunday: it’s 7am on a Sunday and I’m already awake feeling energised, so I decide to make the most of it by going to an hour-long Body Attack class at La Fitness.
By the time I get there I’m feeling a tad regretful – however once I’ve got my HotTop on I’m geared up and bursting with energy. I complete the hour and feel great for the rest of the day.


I am pleased to say that I’ve already lost an inch and a bit off my waist and half an inch from my hips already. It’s only been over a week and I’ve not changed my diet so I’m definitely feeling pleased with the results. The biggest difference is the way my clothes feel on.

I’m excited to see how else the HotTop might be able to change my body in the second week so by Sunday, hopefully I’ll have some more feedback for you. Stay tuned.


My Zaggora HotTop Challenge

8 Feb

Image from prweb.com

Image from prweb.com

As a self-professed gym fanatic and lover of stylish sportswear, I am excited to start off my first ever review of the brand new Zaggora HotTop.

A few of you may already remember my participation in the Zaggora HotPant challenge last year, so as it’s the New Year and the time for health and wellbeing and all that, (sob) I thought right now would be the perfect time to review the coveted Zaggora HotTop.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this hot-off-the-press sportswear brand already, Zaggora has become famous with brides-to-be and celebrities for their unique weight-loss trousers.

Basically the trousers – or ‘HotPants’ as they have branded it – work by increasing the amount your body sweats during a workout. They use technology-enhanced fabrics designed to help women maximise the results of their exercise routine. No only this, but the HotPants have also been rumoured to help you lose inches, decrease cellulite and drop a dress size in two weeks. Sounds too good to be true right?

Well although after reviewing the HotPants previously I never dropped a dress size, I did lose a few inches off my waist, hips and thighs and my bottom half also looked smoother. I was pleasantly surprised with the results and was desperate for the brand to bring out more miraculous items like this.

In comes the Zaggora HotTop’s.

How the HotTop works

HOTTOP: Image from prweb.com

Developed with the same revolutionary Celu-Lite fabric technology as HotPants – which is designed to harness the body’s natural heat during activity in order to help increase core temperature and calorie burn – the upper body styles channel the power of HotPants into clothing you can wear from head to toe.

Features include:

  • Full neoprene fabric construction lined with Celu-Lite technology to promote increase in core temperature and calorie burn
  • New and improved lighter-weight fabric, with a softer feel against the body
  • Unique recycled jersey fabric infused with caffeine to allow easy movement at the joints and offer a fast-wicking, odour-absorbing cooling sensation to keep you fresh during your workout
  • Flattering contoured stitching to compliment, skim and smooth the figure
  • Reinforced flatlock seams for added comfort and durability
  • Longer length to avoid riding up during activity

So instead of targeting the lower-half of the body, the HotTops focus on the torso area, such as the stomach, hips and waist. They have also launched the Body Blazer, a sleek looking jacket for running outdoors and the Coola Bra, a bra top made from jersey fabric which offers a cooling sensation and absorbs sweat quickly, trapping odours and making your overall workout more comfortable.

I’m already dying to try out the Body Blazer for running outdoors! Anyway though, here’s how day one of my new HotTop challenge went…

Day One

For the last few months, my workouts have been a mixture of Les Mills classes such as Body Attack, Combat (my favourite) Spinning, running and a few Insanity blast workouts incorporated into my routine. Although each of the classes are great calorie burners, metabolism boosters and great for toning, I have actually gained a couple of pounds of which I think (and hope) is muscle, which forced me to consider a new routine to help keep my body lean.

So for the past week or so, I have become obsessed with the callanetics workout from the 1980s, which I actually did a few years ago and loved. Basically it involves lots of tiny pulse movements followed by stretches to work the muscles, whilst helping to give a trimming, toning and ‘lift’ effect on the body and keeping the muscles lean.
I remember doing it regularly when I was 18, so was reminiscing of the times back then I was firmer and tighter than ever before – hence the reason I’ve decided to re-incorporate it into my workout regime. I use the Callanetics, 10 years younger in 10 hours DVD, which claims to reshape the body with just ten sessions of the DVD. So far I’m on hour four and am absolutely amazed at the fast improvements already. My legs seem leaner, tighter and slimmer, my arms a lot smaller and I’ve also dropped an inch off my waist and have more definition on my abs. My boyfriend has also commented that he can see a difference. Can’t wait to see the results after ten hours!

So anyway, I was feeling extra energetic on Wednesday and decided to do Spin and Callanetics wearing my sleek new HotTop.
The one I received was a black vest style number in XS which fits like a dream and makes me feel revved up for some exercise. Somehow feeling fashionable inspires you so much more when it comes to fitness.

I pulled on my new top and instantly loved how it looked. It’s very simple and goes with all of my workout trousers. Like the HotPants, the material is the same which I can only describe as feeling a little bit like a scuba diving suit. The material is quite thick but nonetheless has a really slimming effect and looks like a pro workout top. Makes a change from my old Doors t-shirt.

After 45 minutes of spin I did feel a bit more sweaty than usual but not excessively. I can honestly say that straight after that my stomach felt a little flatter as I’d sweated any water out. It left me feeling really good and I can’t wait to see if there are any results.

Will report back on Sunday after today’s Body Attack session including some images of me wearing the HotTop.

Measurements today:

Weight 115lbs (8 stone 3lbs)

Hips: 33 inches

Waist 26 inches

Thighs 21 inches