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My Zaggora HotTop Challenge

8 Feb

Image from prweb.com

Image from prweb.com

As a self-professed gym fanatic and lover of stylish sportswear, I am excited to start off my first ever review of the brand new Zaggora HotTop.

A few of you may already remember my participation in the Zaggora HotPant challenge last year, so as it’s the New Year and the time for health and wellbeing and all that, (sob) I thought right now would be the perfect time to review the coveted Zaggora HotTop.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this hot-off-the-press sportswear brand already, Zaggora has become famous with brides-to-be and celebrities for their unique weight-loss trousers.

Basically the trousers – or ‘HotPants’ as they have branded it – work by increasing the amount your body sweats during a workout. They use technology-enhanced fabrics designed to help women maximise the results of their exercise routine. No only this, but the HotPants have also been rumoured to help you lose inches, decrease cellulite and drop a dress size in two weeks. Sounds too good to be true right?

Well although after reviewing the HotPants previously I never dropped a dress size, I did lose a few inches off my waist, hips and thighs and my bottom half also looked smoother. I was pleasantly surprised with the results and was desperate for the brand to bring out more miraculous items like this.

In comes the Zaggora HotTop’s.

How the HotTop works

HOTTOP: Image from prweb.com

Developed with the same revolutionary Celu-Lite fabric technology as HotPants – which is designed to harness the body’s natural heat during activity in order to help increase core temperature and calorie burn – the upper body styles channel the power of HotPants into clothing you can wear from head to toe.

Features include:

  • Full neoprene fabric construction lined with Celu-Lite technology to promote increase in core temperature and calorie burn
  • New and improved lighter-weight fabric, with a softer feel against the body
  • Unique recycled jersey fabric infused with caffeine to allow easy movement at the joints and offer a fast-wicking, odour-absorbing cooling sensation to keep you fresh during your workout
  • Flattering contoured stitching to compliment, skim and smooth the figure
  • Reinforced flatlock seams for added comfort and durability
  • Longer length to avoid riding up during activity

So instead of targeting the lower-half of the body, the HotTops focus on the torso area, such as the stomach, hips and waist. They have also launched the Body Blazer, a sleek looking jacket for running outdoors and the Coola Bra, a bra top made from jersey fabric which offers a cooling sensation and absorbs sweat quickly, trapping odours and making your overall workout more comfortable.

I’m already dying to try out the Body Blazer for running outdoors! Anyway though, here’s how day one of my new HotTop challenge went…

Day One

For the last few months, my workouts have been a mixture of Les Mills classes such as Body Attack, Combat (my favourite) Spinning, running and a few Insanity blast workouts incorporated into my routine. Although each of the classes are great calorie burners, metabolism boosters and great for toning, I have actually gained a couple of pounds of which I think (and hope) is muscle, which forced me to consider a new routine to help keep my body lean.

So for the past week or so, I have become obsessed with the callanetics workout from the 1980s, which I actually did a few years ago and loved. Basically it involves lots of tiny pulse movements followed by stretches to work the muscles, whilst helping to give a trimming, toning and ‘lift’ effect on the body and keeping the muscles lean.
I remember doing it regularly when I was 18, so was reminiscing of the times back then I was firmer and tighter than ever before – hence the reason I’ve decided to re-incorporate it into my workout regime. I use the Callanetics, 10 years younger in 10 hours DVD, which claims to reshape the body with just ten sessions of the DVD. So far I’m on hour four and am absolutely amazed at the fast improvements already. My legs seem leaner, tighter and slimmer, my arms a lot smaller and I’ve also dropped an inch off my waist and have more definition on my abs. My boyfriend has also commented that he can see a difference. Can’t wait to see the results after ten hours!

So anyway, I was feeling extra energetic on Wednesday and decided to do Spin and Callanetics wearing my sleek new HotTop.
The one I received was a black vest style number in XS which fits like a dream and makes me feel revved up for some exercise. Somehow feeling fashionable inspires you so much more when it comes to fitness.

I pulled on my new top and instantly loved how it looked. It’s very simple and goes with all of my workout trousers. Like the HotPants, the material is the same which I can only describe as feeling a little bit like a scuba diving suit. The material is quite thick but nonetheless has a really slimming effect and looks like a pro workout top. Makes a change from my old Doors t-shirt.

After 45 minutes of spin I did feel a bit more sweaty than usual but not excessively. I can honestly say that straight after that my stomach felt a little flatter as I’d sweated any water out. It left me feeling really good and I can’t wait to see if there are any results.

Will report back on Sunday after today’s Body Attack session including some images of me wearing the HotTop.

Measurements today:

Weight 115lbs (8 stone 3lbs)

Hips: 33 inches

Waist 26 inches

Thighs 21 inches


Zaggora Update – Week 2 Results!

19 Jun

Greetings fellow Zaggora fanatics, sorry I’ve not updated sooner regarding my new Viva leggings challenge. As you all can probably guess, things at the magazine and other projects have made my life terribly hectic, however this hasn’t stopped me hitting the gym – exercising is quite the destresser!

The past two week’s of this challenge has left me with some excitable results to report on. Whilst week one consisted on me fluctuating between cake eating (see previous) and running like a bat out of hell, I’ve been rather good throughout the second week, attending the gym every day except the weekend and wearing my trusty leggings to each and every class.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday last week consisted of 3 x 35 minute runs with pressups, sit-ups and free weights. Tuesday I kicked ass in combat for 45 minutes followed by a 10 minute run, and Friday I attended a rather sweaty 45-minute Spin class that left me on a high afterwards.

I’m quite surprised about how much I have taken  to Spin quite recently. After having declared one year ago I’d never attend a class again, now I look forward to sweating out my tensions every week and coupled with my Zaggora leggings, feel almost instantly slimmer afterwards.


Since embarking on the HotPant challenge, I have managed to lose 3lbs despite eating almost anything I wanted. My appetite has soared since increasing my workout regime and wearing the HotPants, yet I have still managed to lose the few stubborn pounds that seemed to be lying around since forever.

I have noticed a remarkable difference in my thighs since wearing the HotPants also, the look leaner, firmer and smoother, and I have managed to lose 1.2″ from each thigh also. I love how the Viva leggings make you feel instantly better after a weekend of excess food and alcohol.

Hangovers and hunger seem to go hand in hand for me, so after Sunday I was feeling extremely low and disappointed at my lack of willpower after a full week of being good. My stomach has lost 1 full inch also since embarking on the Zaggora Viva challenge. I plan to wear these over the next couple of days and fingers crossed I can lost just one more before being able to fit into my fellow 19-year-old Topshop jeans! (I’m 22 right now, just so you know).

What I am also excited about, is that Zaggora have also launched the new flares, which target more areas of the leg and look like regular leggings, just what I need for the gym. I prefer classic styles for the gym so I think these will have to be my next purchase. I hope you enjoyed the review and please feel free to comment below!

Styletto Magazine countdown coming soon!

Zaggora Back With Viva Leggings!

31 May

http://zaggora.com/ Prices start at £49.99

Holly Willoughby and her sidekick Fern Cotton are said to use them to maintain their enviable figures. The Saturdays also reportedly each own a pair each and thousands of brides to be have already snapped them up to lose weight for their wedding day.

It almost seems to good to be true, but Zaggora are officially back with an exciting new version of their infamous weight loss hotpants – the Viva leggings.

The critically acclaimed hotpants have been given a face lift with longer, bolder versions of the original workout pants. Having tried and tested the originals and lost considerable inches in just two weeks, I was more than happy to give the new ones a chance!

I recently spent a week away on holiday abroad indulging in whatever cocktails and ice creams I wanted, so the Zaggora leggings arrived just in time in my attempt to get rid of that horrible holiday bloat I appear to have come back with.

Surprisingly, I never gained any weight while I was away and actually came back to find I’d lost two pounds! However I still feel a touch bloated and the two pounds loss has kickstarted my Zaggora challenge number 2 and motivates me to lose just a couple more pounds.

The new Viva leggings come in a variety of flamboyant shades this time around, which is perfect because as my recent posts suggested, neon brights and bold hues are back in town this summer!

The leggings I received for reviewing came in a bold lime shade with clashing blue lining, which actually look rather stylish when paired with a colbat blue vest.

Pink may have been my first choice of colour but the lime shade is growing on me considerably. They are extremely funky and definitely got me noticed at the gym!

If you were originally fearful of getting your pins out, then the new leggings are perfect for those on the lookout for flattering gym trousers which don’t show too much skin.

The HotPants I received came in the small size and fit perfectly, albeit a little snugly. I’m guessing they are supposed to be tight in order to make you sweat more whilst wearing them.

They work the same way as the original hotpants and claim to help you lose weight four times faster than if you were exercising alone. This means you can burn off FOUR times the amount of calories working out, so even if you go for a 20 minute run you will have burned a whopping 800 calories compared to 200 without wearing the hotpants! That’s one too many hobnobs for me to even count! (Must. Stop. Thinking. Of Hobnobs.)

They work simply by increasing your body temperature, in turn making you sweat more. Perspiration = calorie burn and calorie burn = weight loss. See?

The HotPants even increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by approximately 26%, meaning you’ll still be burning off those lunchtime sarnies when you’re sitting back at your desk.

As sceptical as I was first time round, having reviewed the original weight loss HotPants I can confirm they do, almost miraculously, seem to work. The first time I wore them I noticed a remote difference in how my stomach looked. As a victim of the dreaded IBS syndrome, (that’s irritable bowel syndrome, fyi) I suffer bloating at almost the slighted thing I eat, and these seem to reduce that dramatically – which I definitely AM NOT complaining about.

My main goals in wearing these for the two week challenge is not necessarily to lose weight, but I’d love to reduce the hint of cellulite I have developed from my caffeine addiction, reduce bloating and appear a little leaner and smaller around the hips and butt area.

Here’s how my first day went so far:



Height: 5ft 3inches

Waist: 25 inches

Hips 33 inches

Weight: 8 stones. (112lbs)

Working the neon trend to the gym was no easy feat, nonetheless I had a few people come up to me and actually say how cool they thought my leggings were. I actually think they are pretty awesome myself, but my main fear was that the public was not going to be quite ready for them yet, with my black-leggings clad gym companions frowning upon them, smirking at my bold efforts to try out a new look.

My smug new leggings took me through the whole 45 minutes of Body Attack and me, oh my I was sweating. Trying not to sound too crude, you MUST, I repeat, MUST, bring fresh underwear with you to change into after wearing these. Your bottom half will be extremely sweaty and I’d strongly advise a quick shower afterwards. No one likes a Sweaty Betty at work.

Although they make you a little bit warmer throughout your workout, they aren’t overtly hot and are comfortable enough for a lengthy exercise session.

I literally peeled these off after my exercise class and I don’t know if it was just in my head, but I honestly felt like my stomach looked flatter and tighter already. Nonetheless I was left feeling a lot more confident after my first workout and can’t wait to show them off again tomorrow! Stay tuned how I get on over the next few days with my exciting challenge! 


Zaggora Hotpants Challenge – The Results!!

15 Nov

Final Results – These really do work!

I know many of you will have been highly anticipating how I got on with my Zaggora hotpants challenge and so not to bore ot disappoint you, I decided to leave you hanging a little to post the true final results of the challenge!

I know what you’re thinking, I’m nasty. However in order for me to post the true end results I also knew that I had to wait until I had fully completed the challenge and had nothing getting in the way, including my recent fatigue and inability to exercise as often thansk to a nasty viral infection.

Anyhoo, for the past few days I have been wearing my hotpants vigorously and alongside my newest exercise addiction – The Tracey Anderson Method.

After spotting her book and dvd in the library, I swiped it right away and read the book cover to cover before embarking upon her celebrity training method.

Tracey Anderson’s theory for a women to get a teeny-tiny toned body like hers without the buls is to wave goodbye to any weights whatsoever, which goes against almost every fitness manual in the book.

However having helped Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox and Madonna win back their amazing post-baby bods in just a few weeks time, I was willing it and will now be following her challenge to get that amazing bod of hers.

To go back to the subject, I have officially worn the hotpants for a total of 14 days and lost 1 inch from my waist, two from my butt and half an inch from my thighs. Not remarkable but I had to skip some days wearing these due to my days spent ill in bed, hotpants were the last thing on my mind when fighting a fever!

I am still rather pleased with the results, I believe these truly do work and minimise cellulite significantly giving you smoother and leaner lookign thighs.

My bloating has dramatically reduced since wearing these and my waist looks teensy, I’d highly recommend these to any woman in search of a cellulite buster that helps you lose weight whilst working out.

I’ll keep wearing these hotpants when I work out and although they can make you feel a little sweaty and uncomfortable at times, the results gained are hardly anything you can complain about.

If you’re struggling to shed the pounds then these should work you harder, although I’d recommend working out with them on rather than just wearing them to bed for faster results.

I’ve also lost two pounds from wearing these and hope to lose another four over the next two weeks. I’ll keep you posted if I get to my goal weight!


Zaggora Hotpant Challenge – Day 8

9 Nov

Winter’s Ear!

For most of today I have been fighting with myself on whether to go to the gym or not. (Guilt is just lovely). Thanks to a pesky ear infection and agonising sore throat, I have felt a little under the weather today and decided it would be best to have some rest time and watch the new 90210 season followed by the TOWIE finale!

Anyway despite my feelings of guilt, I listened to my body and went home after the doctors today to lie in bed with a nice hot cuppa and my keyboard to keep me occupied.

I am going to put the hotpants to the test by wearing them to bed and finding out whether they really do work as well while you sleep.

I’m feeling a bit like a chunkster today thanks to a silly comment from an evil boy that worked in Starbucks, who felt the need to put me down on one of those days where you just feel like hell.

I’m hoping the hotpants will work overnight giving me the flat tummy and slimmer hips I’ve been hoping for for quite some time.

Zaggora Hotpant Challenge – Days 3, 4, 5 & 6

6 Nov

Sorry for the late posts the past few days, I was afraid that a daily account of me wearing hotpants and working out would ultimately bore you to tears until you gave up reading.

Therefore I felt it would be more effective to combine a few days in one to give a better view of how the hotpants have been working so far.

Day 3

The hotpants have effectively given me a flatter tummy so far, It has been difficult for me to weigh results through measurements as I tend to suffer a bit of hormonal bloating this time of month (you dig?). I don’t want to go into detail, however I have noticed a difference in the bloating since wearing the hotpants and this has significantly decreased.

I wore these on day 3 to a legs, bums and tums class and I can honestly say my thighs have been looking a little smoother already. Those fatty bits on my outer thighs have in fact disappeared and feels extremely toned now which I am very happy about! I’m hoping the next few days will provide an even greater result on my silhouette.

Day 4

Not one to usually suffer headaches, I have been getting terrible migraines lately that have made it difficult for me to concentrate as well as making me feel dizzy and tired.

I skipped the gym today, however went home to my trusty hotpants and it felt like I was working out just lying in bed by wearing these. Although I don’t think I sweat as much as when I wore them working out, I felt as though I could do a little detox from the comfort of my own home!

Day 5

I was bad today. In a hurry to get ready for the Doors Alive concert that evening, (Doors tribute band – they’re awesome!) I never managed to get to the gym to get some much needed exercise. I felt withdrawal symptoms from not going, but I had an amazing time at the gig that night and had decided to force myself into jogging the next day.

Here’s a tip: Mixing beer and cocktails is so not a good idea – my head’s been feeling horrific for the past few days and I doubt the alcohol from Friday did much for my fitness plan this week.

Day 6

I feel as though I’ve taken two steps forward and four step back, although I managed a forty-minute jogging session on Saturday with the hangover from hell, I didn’t feel that my hotpants got as much work from me as I only had a few hours sleep the previous night.

I’ve sworn off alcohol for the next few weeks and plan to wear the hotpants in full force over the next few days. Tomorrow its measuring time for one week wearing the hotpants. Wish me luck!

Zaggora Hotpant Challenge – Day 2

1 Nov

Day 2 – Hello hotpants, goodbye laziness

I’ll admit that I cheated a little today, even though I should be eating super healthy whilst participating in the hotpant challenge, I caved in and has some chocolate on my mid-morning break.

So anyway, I felt a tad guilty and despite feeling a bit down in the dumps and tired today, I forced my ass down to the gym and did a half hour run, 10 minute walk and some sit-ups and burpees. Not bad.

I’ve got rather used to wearing the hotpants already, and although you feel a little sweaty and horrible when you take them off, it also makes you feel like you should work even harder at the gym when wearing them to see results.

I wore tighter trousers at the gym today which was a bit mistake, I recommend if you want to hide these babies then to wear loose fit trousers over them.

Day 2 verdict: I’ve not noticed many results today, however its only my second day and I expect after a week to feel somewhat a difference.

I feel a little less bloated and slightly ‘detoxed’ wearing these.

My too-small jeans at home will be put to the test by Sunday and I’m praying they might slide on easily by then!

Too early to say whether these work, but it sure feels like your stomach deflates a little after wearing them, which for me is a bonus in itself.