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At The Bottom Of My Bag…

2 Sep

…Awaits some dark and peculiar things. Just a fortnight ago I decided to do a clear out in order to prep for my new job thingies. I was so excited to finally become a full-time reporter at the newspaper that I became perhaps a bit too worryingly excited about organising my writing kit. Shorthand notepads, pens and post-its had never been so satisfying. Nonetheless, I had a terrifying obstacle to overcome beforehand – and that was unfurling the contents of my bag.

You see, I don’t carry the type of bag that any regular human being would. For some reason, the thought of having an everyday bag the size of an Ipad is positively preposterous. My bag would beat Mary Poppins’ magical ‘un hands down. It is proportionally insane. I truly believe it could weigh more than me. How on earth would I otherwise  fit all my gym stuff, makeup and office attire in appropriately? For me, only a family-sized weekend bag will do.

The Daily Mail recently published a tell-all article on what was in the Queen’s bag. Yes you heard it right, somehow having the opportunity to snoop in your royal highness’ handbag is rather appealing. I was also deliriously pleased to hear it contained normal things such as ‘chocolate’ – for sugar fixes of course – and a mini flask of gin. Wait is this normal? Perhaps on a really stressful week.

So as I began to empty the contents of my bag to make way for my new things, it became apparent just how atrocious I was at keeping track of my spending habits and purchases. To my horror, right at the pit of my bag lay a mountain of receipts – each of them detailing all the nonsensical buys and fruitless splurges that made me realise exactly why I had zilch in my savings account.

I sifted through each of them in dismay – £70 on a pretentious ‘lunch’ and wine in Browns, £69 spend at Mac Cosmetics, £7 at a time in Starbucks… I was ashamed to see just how much my daily spending could add up. No wonder I never noticed how much I was really spending – all the bloody evidence was stuffed away in a pile at the bottom of my bag, simply waiting to pull me out of my reckless-splurging haze.

So that was that. I decided there and then that I was going to become a thrifty, financially sensible journalist. It was my new goal – to quickly eradicate the gaping hole left in my depleted bank balance and start smartening up about the way I spent. So long to spontaneous Lisa who enjoys  £10 a pop cocktails at 5am and spends nauseating amounts in a relentless bid to find the perfect face cream – I had to learn to curb my spending for good and save for the future.

Because of course now  that I had a proper grown-up job I’d obviously have to become a proper grown-up – which also meant I had to stop buying  items like Percy Pig sweets from M&S and to stop using my card to pay for Sunday afternoon Jack Daniels that I really didn’t need.

As well as the stash of receipts which made my guilt soar, there was also about 100 mini lipglosses and some rather unpleasant moulded chocolate raisins which I’m certain, were seen on many of the overpriced Holland & Barrett receipts bundled inside my gym kit.

Yes, it is now definitely time for me to hatch a money-saving plan for the future. The best way to do this is to begin with the handbag clear out. You’d be surprised at how much you can find out from that 48-hour bender just by looking at the receipts in your bag. Let’s see how long I last. I’m going to start by quitting with the daily Starbucks coffee’s for now. After all, a coffee only lasts about ten minutes, however those precipitous Zara heels in that case…


Should you let a friend borrow your clothes?

9 Aug

Beg, borrow or steal…

Someone's not happy about her friend borrowing her favourite new dress...

It was one of those moments when time stood still. I watched, open mouthed and disbelieving as my best friend – busy laughing and joking – haphazardly spilled an entire glass of red wine down my favourite yellow dress.

She had begged me to wear it out that night, promising to hand it back in perfect condition. But in the space of three seconds, it was gone. Speechless and fuming inside, I attempted to pretend everything was fine, that I would (gulp) surely find another dress just like it.

The guilty look on my friends face prevented me from having a major hissy fit, but the look on mine was visibly sombre. We made bleak attempts to clean up the stain with every trick in the book – vinegar, Vanish, you name it – before eventually admitting defeat. It was ruined.

So in that moment, it was the straw that broke the camel’s Topshop-clad back – the moment I finally decided lending clothes to friends was infinitely, a no go. After many years of hunting down “borrowed” items from friends and trying to shift food or tan stains from clothes, there comes a time when you must be selfish.

The traditional idea of sharing and swapping just no longer works. From Wotsits when we were 12 to party dresses at 21, my best friend and I have swapped clothes more times than Katie Price and Peter Andre have swapped public jibes. I don’t have any sisters, so luckily have never had to worry about one swiping my favourite Zara jacket, so before the horrendous wine episode, I had always been quite flattered when a friend asked to borrow an outfit.

One of the key benefits of course was being able to borrow her stuff too – yet even when done so, it somehow never feels right. You can’t help but feel like an imposter in her outfit – as though people can sense what you’re wearing is not officially yours.

Lending out clothes is often a disaster waiting to happen. Unless it’s a Primark tee or dress that no longer cuts the chase, there are some things (like favourite dresses) that you should keep greedily to yourself.

There is always a slight panic that comes with ‘loaning’ out your favourite items, and the uncertainty that you will ever get them back. I have lost count of the myriad jumpers, dresses and pairs of shoes that I am still waiting to be returned. It’s pretty doubtful that I’ll ever see them again, so I guess I’ll just have to mourn them along with the others.

Do I think anyone should lend out their clothes? No, not unless your friend exhibits the reliability of a saint. It’s just not worth it if it could potentially ruin a friendship, and believe me, it could. So the next time a friend asks to borrow your favourite dress? I say run. Run for the hills.

Either that or you could just clumsily sway a glass of potent red wine near her, smile sweetly and offer it in exchange of her favourite (and only) pair of Jimmy Choos. I guarantee she’ll never ask to borrow again.


Holiday Wishlist

18 Mar

As a glorious summer holiday awaits me, I am surreptitiously planning ahead what to pack whilst figuring what else is left to buy for my fast approaching sunshine getaway.

The excitement hasn’t quite kicked in yet, but I’ve still got two months to go and no doubt I’ll be positively gleeful in the few weeks beforehand.

But right now it’s all about the holiday wardrobe for me, and the meticulous planning of what newbies to buy has already begun.

I am already fully aware that bold colour will be at the forefront of my shopping wishlist this year. I can’t stop drooling over the gorgeous pastel and neon shades that are cropping up everywhere on the high street right now.

Right now I’m also magnetised towards every bikini I pass by, but it’s the delicious array of candy-coloured ‘flatforms’ that have inevitably left me bankrupt.

The new shoe shape for summer, I love how these enlongate my petite limbs yet remain comfortable at the same time.

I already have an amazing pair of colour-block flatforms stashed away, and this stunning bikini from River Island will go perfect with them.

This year I’m opting to buy cool, comfortable items with a stylish edge for my week of fun in the sun, there’s nothing worse than a clingy dress when you have booze bloat and sunburn from the night before. And that’s exactly where this simple summer dress from Topshop steps in.

Lord help me when I’ve finally paid off my last holiday fee next week, for I’ll be sauntering up the aisles of Topshop quickly afterwards.

On another note, sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been concentrating more on my other blog / online magazine www.stylettomag.com, you should check it out if you like Fashion Hungry! I write tons of beauty reviews on the magazines beauty page as well as features and fashion on the homepage.

More exciting news is that I am looking to launch a print edition of the magazine this summer so I have been busy, busy, busy as you can probably guess! It will be a women’s lifestyle magazine based in Scotland and other areas once it is up and running.

I have no doubts that it will be a success as I have been working on this for quite some time now.

Stay tuned guys! xx

Bikini top £18, Bottoms £10 both from River Island, Sundress £36 Topshop, Sunglasses £6.95, Shorts £24.95 and bag £19.95, all H&M, Flatforms, ASOS.

Are Bloggers the New Celebrities?

6 Jan

Queen Michelle from popular Scottish blog Kingdom of Style

The hot-to-trot blogger sporting her eclectic fashion sense – Manoush Fleece Dress, Topshop trench, Balenciaga bag, Primeoza Scarf, Glitter boots ASOS.’

Today almost anyone can become a blogger. From blogging about food to fashion and everyday life, it has become increasingly popular for aspiring writers to come up with their own personal website in which they share their either thigh-slappingly funny antics or latest handbag purchase with the rest of the world.

The rise of online media and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter make it incredibly normal for us to share our daily thoughts and feelings with colleagues and friends, and blogging has become another outlet for them to express their latest woes and whereabouts.

One thing recognisable about the majority of popular blogs, is that fashion has become a huge arena for style sisters to carve a career out of.

Many of our online style icons have went on to generate exciting careers out of sharing their passion with the world. Blogger Rumi Neely shot to fame through the launch of her website ‘FashionToast,’ where she posted a personable insight into her views on fashion every week, gaining a legion of devoted followers after fashion lovers devoured her chic style diary and drool-worthy wardrobe.

Rumi’s website now has millions of followers and has transformed her from city-girl to supermodel, with a range of clothing lines following her success as well as being style muse and top guest for fashion shows across the world.

With the impact of the recession affecting employability for thousands of ambitious writers, it seems we are taking it into our own hands and trying to get noticed online.

Conventional 9am – 5pm jobs have been casted aside for something far more flexible and inspiring, and blogging is a great way to show potential employers how serious you really are about fashion.

We spoke to Queen Michelle, blogger from the popular Scottish ‘Kingdom of Style’ blog on how blogging has changed her life.

 Michelle’s amazing blog with best friend Queen Marie has led to the launch of her very own bag line, pictured above!

What is your average day like as a blogger?

Well I don’t blog as a job, so my days are taken up as a graphic designer. I write all my articles at the weekend mostly, and the odd lunch time here and there if I have time.

What is your favourite thing about being a blogger?

The excitement of sharing a find with the reader’s. It’s like having the biggest network of girlfriends imaginable.

Is this something you have made a career out of since?

I don’t want to be become a ‘blogger’ – as in that’s my job. Many of the blogs which began as personal blogs and then went onto become industry insiders blogs lost most of their charm for me. I like reading about a girl and her wardrobe and her new shoes, not endless press launches.

How would you go about selecting an outfit you want to post about in the ‘Queen Michelle’s Personal Style’ section?

Usually it’s just what I’ve been wearing at the weekend that gets photographed. I’m often on my way to or from Morrison’s when the photo gets taken!

What qualities do you need to become a successful blogger?

A strong voice, focus and the ability to not give up or get disheartened when you think your blog isn’t doing as well as you hoped. A thick skin also helps.

What sort of advice would you give other aspiring bloggers?

Don’t blog with an agenda – ie don’t start it thinking it’ll get you a career, free stuff, a modelling contract etc. Do it because you love the subject you’re talking about and write about it passionately. And the rest might very well follow.

The personal style of Queen Michelle – She’s edgy, she’s elusively cool and we want her wardrobe, Styletto digs deep into what makes Queen Michelle tick!

How would you describe your personal style?

Haphazard! I am quite lazy when it comes to outfits so I chuck stuff on and hope it looks ok.

What is your fail-safe, feel fabulous outfit?

Tight black jeans, my Balenciaga heels and vintage Slayer t-shirt.

Favourite brands and why you love them?

Topshop and ASOS for affordable fashion. Led clothes and COS for basics, Bordelle for lingerie, Lucette for leather stuff, Balenciaga for handbags and Alexander Wang for t-shirts. I think these shops and labels really excel at these things and I’ve never been let down by them.

What fashion essential will you be buying for winter this year?

A new black shaggy fur coat.

Style icon?

I don’t have one to be honest, but I think Alison Mosshart is beautiful and I love that she stays true to her style at all times.

Favourite magazine?

Probably Oyster.

What’s in your handbag?

God, a load of stuff! Lipbalm, some very old payslips, pens, purse, a couple of USB drives, a key to something – no idea what, some loose change, a sweetie wrapper, a plaster, my phone and a pencil rubber. Time for a clean out!

Fashion show survival items?

Definitely concealer and lipbalm. I’d be a scaly, baggy eye mess without them.

Favourite fashion era and why?

I haven’t got a favourite era really. Each era brought something new to the table and made fashion and style what it is today, so it’s hard to single out one as being my favourite.

Fashion Blogs You’ll Love







1 Nov

Lets face it, if Blake Lively’s wearing it – it’s in fashion. Red Lace has become one of the hottest trends ever since Erdem featured the doll-like dresses at this years Spring / Summer runway shows.

Celebrities have since gone gaga for the dress, culminating in an obsession with lady-like hemlines and lace fabrics spreading like wildfire thoughout the high street.

The delicate and haunting dress by Erdem (second right) has been snapped up by the likes of Marilyn Monroe actress Michelle Williams and trend-setting Blake Lively, but coming in at over 1,000 smackers this is a little too terrifying to even look at.

However no need to sob into your hands, as there’s some exciting news for Styletto fans.

Styletto has just launched it’s first item at the Styletto shop and it’s this stunning ASOS red lace dress for 40 buttons! (if buttons were pounds, ahem.)

With a hint of romance and a sexy curve-hugging fit, this is the perfect dress for catching that hot man’s eye or simply showing off your figure.

The great thing is the Styletto shop is all through Paypal, so you can be assured you’re money will be safe and well spent after purchasing this on-trend item!

Click to buy quick before it disappears! 




26 Oct

Work doesn’t have to mean boring when it comes to styling


Black, black and more black – Yawn. Don’t get me wrong, I love how a little black dress can sleek and shrink you, but when it comes to workwear,  far too many are opting for this safe shade as their everyday office choice.

It’s already dull outside, so it’s time to brighten up your day with a splash of colour worked into your career wardrobe. Brights can be scary at times but its a known fact that wearing bold hues can brighten up your mood ans warm your skintone at the same time.

Opt for this bold tulip dress from H&M, paired with opaques and a statement necklace for a colourful way to do workwear chic. This amazing gilet looks glamorous thrown over everything and when paired with tough gloves and quirky boots, edgy at the same time.

Dalmation prints are huge this season and this super-cute satchel from Topshop is an easy way to combine two trends in one. 

This outfit oozes sass and the cut of the dress keeps it conservative enough for work. To take this from day to night, add a pair of this seasons glitter platforms and swap the bag for a snakeskin clutch.

Don’t succumb to the daily trap of dull when it comes to work. These items are season-appropriate, smart and versatile, every quality needed for the ultimate office wardrobe.

 Check out my amazing Styletto website for daily updates on Fashion, Beauty, Laughter and Life!


All the latest reviews on lust products, fashion trends and funny features at your fingetips.

You’ll love Styletto!

Fashion is Sexy!

26 Sep

The fetish trend taking over the catwalks…

Leather and pvc featured heavily in this seasons collections.

Catwoman, eat your heart out. This season fashion is at its uttermost sexiest. Steamy collections featuring latex, leather and bondage corsets have whipped the prim and pretty trend into shape. Gothic glam has taken on a rather sexy edge, with fetish-wear spicing up the lady-like collections of 2011.

2012 has gone back to black – this time with a nod to naughtiness, suggesting that punky fabrics such as pvc, latex and leather should be worn in abundance. This trend is decidedly dirty, but can be made wearable by layering textures items such as fur, velvet and satin.

The dominatrix has been taken to a whole other level, and those hoping to release their inner prowess could have a lot of fun scaring the men with this look.

The models at Giles autumn / winter collection wore cut-out dresses with oil-slick corset belts and Minnie Mouse hair bows, adding an eccentric feel to the catwalks.

Salvatore Ferragoma’s collection comprised sheer pussy-bow blouses worn with wraparound leather skirts, incorporating a bit of the lady-like trend for a feminine grasp of this look.

For a more subtle take on the trend, pair a leather dress like this one below with a sheer peek-a-boo shirt layered underneath, lace gloves and a pair of fishnet tights. Those looking to embrace the ‘underwear as outerwear’ look should team this basque with a leather skirt and some fur accessories – be suggestive with black lace stockings.

Alexander McQueen’s collection featured cropped leather trousers paired with kinky lace-up boots and structured tweed jackets for a slightly less risqué take on the trend. Pair some leather trousers with sexy shoes and a badass jacket for everyday wear.

Warning: Don’t mistake the trend as permission to bring out your secret bondage stash from home, this trend is yes, sexy but not, I repeat, NOT terrifying.


29 Aug

A penchant for wedge boots

Wedges, £27.99 New Look.

Lately I have been craving wedge boots in any shape, form or colour. Not exactly winter appropriate, these peep-toe wedge boots are a new naughty addition to my rather vast shoe collection.

These boots were instantaneously purchased within a matter of seconds after eyeing up the amazing purple snakeskin detailing of these wedges. So comfortable, so modern and so gorgeous.

I also love the velvety fabric and deep almost plummy toned colour of the rest of the shoe. These are from New Look and at £27.99, an amazing bargain.

Announcement- My Exciting New Fashion Website!

12 Aug

Hey Fashion Hungry lovers, I have decided to start a brand new, sleeker and more modern website for all you fashion and beauty fans out there.

Fear not your favourite blog won’t be going anywhere, however I think most of you will love the unique look and easy access available on my new website Styletto.

I am rather excited about this new project where my new website www.styletto.webs.com will offer a fashion diary of my favourite high street and designer buys, fashion articles, feaures and beauty updates and reviews.

The Styletto website will also soon feature its very own fashion store where you can buy some amazing vintage items and on-trend fashion pieces that I know you will all love!

Members of Fashion Hungry can easily register for the new Styletto website too to get updates of all the latest news on Styletto.

Hope you all love it and become members of the site! Still continue visiting Fashion Hungry WordPress for your latest blog updates.

Lisa! x

Leather Layering

10 Aug

The LLD (Little Leather Dress)

This leather dress from ASOS has been lying in my wardrobe for quite some time now. I have worn it once on a night out and paired a sheer black shirt with long sleeves underneath to keep the look casual. I also wore it with tights and these skater style boots which I absolutely adore.

You can also layer a shirt over the dress for a rock chic look as seen in the picture. A tartan shirt and skull and cross necklace adds a punk edge. Star patterned tights would look amazing with this dress.

The shirt is from George at Asda and the boots from Dorothy Perkins