Cheryl Cole Hair: Get the look with Salon Confidential Hair Extensions

29 Jul



WHEN it comes to hair trends, a mane that is thick, lustrous and bouncy never goes out of fashion.

It’s also a look that has become ubiquitous among celebrities, with the likes of Cheryl Cole and now Saturday’s singer Frankie Sandford opting for extensions to achieve that just-out-the-salon look.

The good news is, you don’t have to spend hours in the salon or fork out thousands to achieve Gisele-length locks.

And renowned hair brand Salon Confidential is now offering a range of ethically sourced clip-in hair extensions which emulate the look and feel of real hair.

Their synthetic hair extensions give are an easy way to achieve long, effortless hair within a matter of minutes.

Having recently tried the Volume Wave extensions in shades Honey and Light Brown, I was seriously impressed at how easy the clips were to put in and of how much fuller my hair looked.

The weft is specifically designed to remain hidden so it means if you find yourself caught in the rain, you’re hair still remains volumised with a fabulous soft curl at the end.

There is also no need for blow-drying or curling as Volume Wave extensions are pre-styled so you can literally just clip and go.


Hair before


Hair extensions after

I prefer these to the poker straight alternative of hair extensions as I feel they give that swish, bouncy blow-dry look with little effort.

I can curl my hair or keep the rest of it straight with a few subtle flicks here or there and these will still blend in beautifully. The plastic clips are also safer for the hair than metal versions and won’t damage as much as glue-in options.

You get 12 pieces in the box set too so you can add more body if you wish for evening. In the picture I’m only wearing four and my hair still looks super volumised. And despite being synthetic they still look very natural. The only thing I’d advise is to remove carefully and avoid straightening or curling these – synthetic extensions aren’t made to take heat.

salon confidential extensions

These are great for ladies on the go who desire that celebrity hair look without the hefty price tag.

Salon Confidential extensiones can be purchased at or


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