Zaggora Update – Week 2 Results!

19 Jun

Greetings fellow Zaggora fanatics, sorry I’ve not updated sooner regarding my new Viva leggings challenge. As you all can probably guess, things at the magazine and other projects have made my life terribly hectic, however this hasn’t stopped me hitting the gym – exercising is quite the destresser!

The past two week’s of this challenge has left me with some excitable results to report on. Whilst week one consisted on me fluctuating between cake eating (see previous) and running like a bat out of hell, I’ve been rather good throughout the second week, attending the gym every day except the weekend and wearing my trusty leggings to each and every class.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday last week consisted of 3 x 35 minute runs with pressups, sit-ups and free weights. Tuesday I kicked ass in combat for 45 minutes followed by a 10 minute run, and Friday I attended a rather sweaty 45-minute Spin class that left me on a high afterwards.

I’m quite surprised about how much I have taken  to Spin quite recently. After having declared one year ago I’d never attend a class again, now I look forward to sweating out my tensions every week and coupled with my Zaggora leggings, feel almost instantly slimmer afterwards.


Since embarking on the HotPant challenge, I have managed to lose 3lbs despite eating almost anything I wanted. My appetite has soared since increasing my workout regime and wearing the HotPants, yet I have still managed to lose the few stubborn pounds that seemed to be lying around since forever.

I have noticed a remarkable difference in my thighs since wearing the HotPants also, the look leaner, firmer and smoother, and I have managed to lose 1.2″ from each thigh also. I love how the Viva leggings make you feel instantly better after a weekend of excess food and alcohol.

Hangovers and hunger seem to go hand in hand for me, so after Sunday I was feeling extremely low and disappointed at my lack of willpower after a full week of being good. My stomach has lost 1 full inch also since embarking on the Zaggora Viva challenge. I plan to wear these over the next couple of days and fingers crossed I can lost just one more before being able to fit into my fellow 19-year-old Topshop jeans! (I’m 22 right now, just so you know).

What I am also excited about, is that Zaggora have also launched the new flares, which target more areas of the leg and look like regular leggings, just what I need for the gym. I prefer classic styles for the gym so I think these will have to be my next purchase. I hope you enjoyed the review and please feel free to comment below!

Styletto Magazine countdown coming soon!


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