Zaggora Viva HotPants Week 1

7 Jun

Since my last Zaggora post, I have fluctuated between a fondness for chocolate cake, Spin cycling, 5K runs and late night sandwiches. Quite the contradiction I know.

Yet despite the extreme changes in my attitude towards being healthy, the scales told me today that I have in fact dropped another 1lb from my frame. I love you HotPants.

My increase in exercise has either boosted my metabolism or it’s the HotPants beginning to work, either way I swear my stomach looks flatter already after just a few days and my legs look leaner than usual.

I’m certainly not complaining. The fact I can still have my cake now and again and still see results is exactly what I am talking about. Dieting isn’t my game, so with the help of HotPants to see better results from my routine workouts is a fabulous concept.

It’s off to the gym for me again today as I missed a much needed workout yesterday. Today I’ll be hitting the treadmill and carring out a mini 15 minute circuit (burpees, mountain climbers, suicide press-ups) before the measuring tape weigh in tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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