Zaggora Back With Viva Leggings!

31 May Prices start at £49.99

Holly Willoughby and her sidekick Fern Cotton are said to use them to maintain their enviable figures. The Saturdays also reportedly each own a pair each and thousands of brides to be have already snapped them up to lose weight for their wedding day.

It almost seems to good to be true, but Zaggora are officially back with an exciting new version of their infamous weight loss hotpants – the Viva leggings.

The critically acclaimed hotpants have been given a face lift with longer, bolder versions of the original workout pants. Having tried and tested the originals and lost considerable inches in just two weeks, I was more than happy to give the new ones a chance!

I recently spent a week away on holiday abroad indulging in whatever cocktails and ice creams I wanted, so the Zaggora leggings arrived just in time in my attempt to get rid of that horrible holiday bloat I appear to have come back with.

Surprisingly, I never gained any weight while I was away and actually came back to find I’d lost two pounds! However I still feel a touch bloated and the two pounds loss has kickstarted my Zaggora challenge number 2 and motivates me to lose just a couple more pounds.

The new Viva leggings come in a variety of flamboyant shades this time around, which is perfect because as my recent posts suggested, neon brights and bold hues are back in town this summer!

The leggings I received for reviewing came in a bold lime shade with clashing blue lining, which actually look rather stylish when paired with a colbat blue vest.

Pink may have been my first choice of colour but the lime shade is growing on me considerably. They are extremely funky and definitely got me noticed at the gym!

If you were originally fearful of getting your pins out, then the new leggings are perfect for those on the lookout for flattering gym trousers which don’t show too much skin.

The HotPants I received came in the small size and fit perfectly, albeit a little snugly. I’m guessing they are supposed to be tight in order to make you sweat more whilst wearing them.

They work the same way as the original hotpants and claim to help you lose weight four times faster than if you were exercising alone. This means you can burn off FOUR times the amount of calories working out, so even if you go for a 20 minute run you will have burned a whopping 800 calories compared to 200 without wearing the hotpants! That’s one too many hobnobs for me to even count! (Must. Stop. Thinking. Of Hobnobs.)

They work simply by increasing your body temperature, in turn making you sweat more. Perspiration = calorie burn and calorie burn = weight loss. See?

The HotPants even increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by approximately 26%, meaning you’ll still be burning off those lunchtime sarnies when you’re sitting back at your desk.

As sceptical as I was first time round, having reviewed the original weight loss HotPants I can confirm they do, almost miraculously, seem to work. The first time I wore them I noticed a remote difference in how my stomach looked. As a victim of the dreaded IBS syndrome, (that’s irritable bowel syndrome, fyi) I suffer bloating at almost the slighted thing I eat, and these seem to reduce that dramatically – which I definitely AM NOT complaining about.

My main goals in wearing these for the two week challenge is not necessarily to lose weight, but I’d love to reduce the hint of cellulite I have developed from my caffeine addiction, reduce bloating and appear a little leaner and smaller around the hips and butt area.

Here’s how my first day went so far:



Height: 5ft 3inches

Waist: 25 inches

Hips 33 inches

Weight: 8 stones. (112lbs)

Working the neon trend to the gym was no easy feat, nonetheless I had a few people come up to me and actually say how cool they thought my leggings were. I actually think they are pretty awesome myself, but my main fear was that the public was not going to be quite ready for them yet, with my black-leggings clad gym companions frowning upon them, smirking at my bold efforts to try out a new look.

My smug new leggings took me through the whole 45 minutes of Body Attack and me, oh my I was sweating. Trying not to sound too crude, you MUST, I repeat, MUST, bring fresh underwear with you to change into after wearing these. Your bottom half will be extremely sweaty and I’d strongly advise a quick shower afterwards. No one likes a Sweaty Betty at work.

Although they make you a little bit warmer throughout your workout, they aren’t overtly hot and are comfortable enough for a lengthy exercise session.

I literally peeled these off after my exercise class and I don’t know if it was just in my head, but I honestly felt like my stomach looked flatter and tighter already. Nonetheless I was left feeling a lot more confident after my first workout and can’t wait to show them off again tomorrow! Stay tuned how I get on over the next few days with my exciting challenge!

2 Responses to “Zaggora Back With Viva Leggings!”

  1. Julie Shennan June 1, 2012 at 5:42 am #

    Hey lisa, great article, can you tell me what the retail price is for these? And where I could get a pair?

    • Fashion Hungry June 20, 2012 at 11:04 am #

      Hi Julie, I think on they are selling pairs as little as £50 just now. Ebay also sell some xx

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