28 May

NEON is often associated with nineties rave parties and hazard warning signs. Despite its obsolete reputation, the hue still seems to make a comeback each year, with electric shades consistently re-emerging on the runway.

Flashes of luminous neon cropped up all over the catwalks again for spring / summer 2012, with the colour-blocking trend getting a face-lift with hues more intense than ever before.

Flamboyant shades of indigo blue and neon orange were combined at the Rag & Bone runway show, creating a fearless, androgynous look. Meanwhile, hot designer Peter Som opted for a more girlish silhouette, pairing neon feather skirts with kaleidoscopic stripes for the ultimate style statement.

I vowed not to become a slave to the trend this time around, but my unmitigated attempt to avoid it has already failed me. There’s just no stopping the highlighter-pen palette that inexplicably, manages to sneak its way into my wardrobe every season.

Just the other day I was faced with a dilemma: in search of the perfect summer biker, I cursed my favourite high street stores as typically – when on the rare occasion I had money – I couldn’t find a single thing in the shops.

Then suddenly, I spotted it. The neon yellow, effortlessly cool, multi-tasking biker jacket that made my pulse race, yet made me ashamed at the same time. I trailed my hands over its zesty fabric and sports luxe detail.

Soon enough I was racing out the store, Topshop bag gripped tightly in hand, anticipating the next event where I would proudly showcase my nu-rave item.

Purchasing it would only culminate in a newfound obsession, which also meant my mother was almost blinded when I walked back through the door.

But I am no longer ashamed. Thanks to some approval from my most stylish girl friends; it seems neon has finally shaken off its no-go reputation.

Colour has never been so cool, but be careful when approaching this high-voltage trend: stick to one or two colour combinations per outfit at the most, or you’ll risk looking like an acid-evangelist gone wrong.

The easiest way to embrace neon is by adding a flash of colour with some statement shoes or a fluorescent blazer. The aesthetic is bold, gutsy and fun, so wear with complete confidence and you’ll nail the look.

Biker jacket, £58 Topshop, Peplum dress £48 ASOS, Jeans, £30 Soul Cal at Republic, Platforms, £60 at Office Shoes, Spike and Skull necklace, £35 at ASOS, Neon shopper, £28 Topshop.

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