Holiday Style Diary

27 May

  Holiday Style Diary


My much anticipated holiday has came and gone in a flash and since arriving back home, I couldn’t wait to get back into all my writing projects and of course, inform all you wonderful readers of what I have planned for the future.

As well as gathering content and helping to build a team for the Styletto print edition magazine, I have also recently joined local newspaper Clydebank Post as their new Women’s fashion and lifestyle columnist where every week I publish news on the latest fashion trends and women’s topical issues. I am honoured to have become part of the newspaper and if you live locally, you can check out my weekly column every Wednesday in the newspaper.

To top off all the excitement, my book is still in the process of being completed despite having suffered had a touch of writers block recently. My main focus for the moment is keeping my Clydebank Post and firstly, my Fashion Hungry and Styletto readers happy and continually excited for the upcoming glossy version of Styletto!

So far, it looks amazing and is packed with all your favourite fashion trend updates, women’s lifestyle features, relationships, health and fitness, music and tons of beauty pages to keep you all satisfied.

I have yet to have an exact launch date for the magazine although I am hoping for the 1st issue to be launched by the end of this summer. If you wish to get involved either by writing, designing, advertising or just giving some suggestions on what you want to read, be sure to email me at and I will be sure to reply swiftly!

Anyway, back to holiday. The fashion addict within me was mostly excited about packing and gathering together my favourite holiday outfits for my week away in Tenerife. The weather was positively stunning and the location breathtaking. I was also surprised to come back to this amazing heatwave that Scotland is having right now, this came as a huge delight considering the weather before I left.

Above is a picture of me at the hotel wearing a rather bold pyjama trouser and vest ensemble. I am in love with these trousers right now as they are so comfortable and evoke the current floral trend that is so hot this season. My trousers are from New Look, the vest from H&M and the beads also New Look.

I also couldn’t help but purchase the wedges as seen in my Tribal Temptations post below, which go almost absurdly with everything in my wardrobe. They are also surprisingly comfortable and can be worn daytime or night.

I also picked up some amazing beauty products duty free at Glasgow airport. I was a kid in a candy shop as I raced round trying to find some amazing holiday beauty products to keep me going through the summer.

The items I purchased were a Mac contouring brush, Diorshow Blackout Waterproof mascara, Nars Laguna liquid bronzer, Dior Forever Foundation, Bareminerals powder, Eliabeth Arden 8 hour cream and So Sweet, So Easy cream blush by Mac.

I am obsessed with thee products already and will be uploading a review on them on Styletto’s beauty page over the next few days. In the meantime, check out my latest beauty review on bareMinerals READY collection, an exciting new summer range in endless shades.

Hope that’s enough info for now! Keep checking Styletto for the print magazine countdown coming soon! 

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