Are Bloggers the New Celebrities?

6 Jan

Queen Michelle from popular Scottish blog Kingdom of Style

The hot-to-trot blogger sporting her eclectic fashion sense – Manoush Fleece Dress, Topshop trench, Balenciaga bag, Primeoza Scarf, Glitter boots ASOS.’

Today almost anyone can become a blogger. From blogging about food to fashion and everyday life, it has become increasingly popular for aspiring writers to come up with their own personal website in which they share their either thigh-slappingly funny antics or latest handbag purchase with the rest of the world.

The rise of online media and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter make it incredibly normal for us to share our daily thoughts and feelings with colleagues and friends, and blogging has become another outlet for them to express their latest woes and whereabouts.

One thing recognisable about the majority of popular blogs, is that fashion has become a huge arena for style sisters to carve a career out of.

Many of our online style icons have went on to generate exciting careers out of sharing their passion with the world. Blogger Rumi Neely shot to fame through the launch of her website ‘FashionToast,’ where she posted a personable insight into her views on fashion every week, gaining a legion of devoted followers after fashion lovers devoured her chic style diary and drool-worthy wardrobe.

Rumi’s website now has millions of followers and has transformed her from city-girl to supermodel, with a range of clothing lines following her success as well as being style muse and top guest for fashion shows across the world.

With the impact of the recession affecting employability for thousands of ambitious writers, it seems we are taking it into our own hands and trying to get noticed online.

Conventional 9am – 5pm jobs have been casted aside for something far more flexible and inspiring, and blogging is a great way to show potential employers how serious you really are about fashion.

We spoke to Queen Michelle, blogger from the popular Scottish ‘Kingdom of Style’ blog on how blogging has changed her life.

 Michelle’s amazing blog with best friend Queen Marie has led to the launch of her very own bag line, pictured above!

What is your average day like as a blogger?

Well I don’t blog as a job, so my days are taken up as a graphic designer. I write all my articles at the weekend mostly, and the odd lunch time here and there if I have time.

What is your favourite thing about being a blogger?

The excitement of sharing a find with the reader’s. It’s like having the biggest network of girlfriends imaginable.

Is this something you have made a career out of since?

I don’t want to be become a ‘blogger’ – as in that’s my job. Many of the blogs which began as personal blogs and then went onto become industry insiders blogs lost most of their charm for me. I like reading about a girl and her wardrobe and her new shoes, not endless press launches.

How would you go about selecting an outfit you want to post about in the ‘Queen Michelle’s Personal Style’ section?

Usually it’s just what I’ve been wearing at the weekend that gets photographed. I’m often on my way to or from Morrison’s when the photo gets taken!

What qualities do you need to become a successful blogger?

A strong voice, focus and the ability to not give up or get disheartened when you think your blog isn’t doing as well as you hoped. A thick skin also helps.

What sort of advice would you give other aspiring bloggers?

Don’t blog with an agenda – ie don’t start it thinking it’ll get you a career, free stuff, a modelling contract etc. Do it because you love the subject you’re talking about and write about it passionately. And the rest might very well follow.

The personal style of Queen Michelle – She’s edgy, she’s elusively cool and we want her wardrobe, Styletto digs deep into what makes Queen Michelle tick!

How would you describe your personal style?

Haphazard! I am quite lazy when it comes to outfits so I chuck stuff on and hope it looks ok.

What is your fail-safe, feel fabulous outfit?

Tight black jeans, my Balenciaga heels and vintage Slayer t-shirt.

Favourite brands and why you love them?

Topshop and ASOS for affordable fashion. Led clothes and COS for basics, Bordelle for lingerie, Lucette for leather stuff, Balenciaga for handbags and Alexander Wang for t-shirts. I think these shops and labels really excel at these things and I’ve never been let down by them.

What fashion essential will you be buying for winter this year?

A new black shaggy fur coat.

Style icon?

I don’t have one to be honest, but I think Alison Mosshart is beautiful and I love that she stays true to her style at all times.

Favourite magazine?

Probably Oyster.

What’s in your handbag?

God, a load of stuff! Lipbalm, some very old payslips, pens, purse, a couple of USB drives, a key to something – no idea what, some loose change, a sweetie wrapper, a plaster, my phone and a pencil rubber. Time for a clean out!

Fashion show survival items?

Definitely concealer and lipbalm. I’d be a scaly, baggy eye mess without them.

Favourite fashion era and why?

I haven’t got a favourite era really. Each era brought something new to the table and made fashion and style what it is today, so it’s hard to single out one as being my favourite.

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