The Wonder Body Cream

25 Nov

All I can say about this is… mmmmm

I know I am forever raving about Liz Earle’s beauty products, but it’s only because I truly believe in them and as a reviewer of the skincare brand, I am more than happy to review any products sent by the Liz Earle team as they never fail to impress me.

 So recently when I was sent out the luxurious Superskin body cream by Liz Earle, I ran a bath straight away and couldn’t wait to slather the cream all over to see if it really proved as amazing as it sounded.

As always, it did. This luxury body cream although expensive to buy, has become a saviour to my skin. When it comes to winter time I sometimes neglect my body as opposed to my face.

In summer I’d apply fake tan, body lotions and super skin oils to keep it looking healthy. When covered up in winter in baggy jumpers and endless pairs of opaque tights, I didn’t worry as much and quite honestly, could never be bothered with the hassle of these often time-consuming tasks.

However sitting in offices all day does not did not do wonders for my elbows, which after a while had gotten disgustingly dry and even painful and scaly from elbow-leaning on desks.


I’d applied bio-oil, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream, vaseline and numerous body creams, but this ultra-rich body cream so far has been the only thing that has worked to soothe them so far.

Formulated with naturally active ingredients such as GLA, omega 3 and antioxidants, as well as East African shea butter, rosehip oil and cranberry seed oil,  this is made specifically for mature or dry skins to really get rid of parched, dull skin.

After just one application, my skin was glistening and my elbows felt almost baby soft again after using this.

Super luxurious to apply, this also has a subtle shimmer to it which makes your skin gleam whilst hydrating it at the same time.

This is the best body cream I have tried EVER and although it’s a bit pricey, it truly is a worthy product and the fact that it comes in a huge family sized tub ensures this is worth splashing out on.

After a week of using this, my skin is in the best condition it’s ever been and in the winter that is a miracle for me to achieve. My boyfriend can’t stop rubbing my arms strangely and he has commented on how glowing I look recently.

I can’t wait to pamper myself now after a long day at work and the gym. Here’s to luxury.

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