Zaggora Hotpants Challenge – The Results!!

15 Nov

Final Results – These really do work!

I know many of you will have been highly anticipating how I got on with my Zaggora hotpants challenge and so not to bore ot disappoint you, I decided to leave you hanging a little to post the true final results of the challenge!

I know what you’re thinking, I’m nasty. However in order for me to post the true end results I also knew that I had to wait until I had fully completed the challenge and had nothing getting in the way, including my recent fatigue and inability to exercise as often thansk to a nasty viral infection.

Anyhoo, for the past few days I have been wearing my hotpants vigorously and alongside my newest exercise addiction – The Tracey Anderson Method.

After spotting her book and dvd in the library, I swiped it right away and read the book cover to cover before embarking upon her celebrity training method.

Tracey Anderson’s theory for a women to get a teeny-tiny toned body like hers without the buls is to wave goodbye to any weights whatsoever, which goes against almost every fitness manual in the book.

However having helped Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox and Madonna win back their amazing post-baby bods in just a few weeks time, I was willing it and will now be following her challenge to get that amazing bod of hers.

To go back to the subject, I have officially worn the hotpants for a total of 14 days and lost 1 inch from my waist, two from my butt and half an inch from my thighs. Not remarkable but I had to skip some days wearing these due to my days spent ill in bed, hotpants were the last thing on my mind when fighting a fever!

I am still rather pleased with the results, I believe these truly do work and minimise cellulite significantly giving you smoother and leaner lookign thighs.

My bloating has dramatically reduced since wearing these and my waist looks teensy, I’d highly recommend these to any woman in search of a cellulite buster that helps you lose weight whilst working out.

I’ll keep wearing these hotpants when I work out and although they can make you feel a little sweaty and uncomfortable at times, the results gained are hardly anything you can complain about.

If you’re struggling to shed the pounds then these should work you harder, although I’d recommend working out with them on rather than just wearing them to bed for faster results.

I’ve also lost two pounds from wearing these and hope to lose another four over the next two weeks. I’ll keep you posted if I get to my goal weight!


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