Zaggora Hotpant Challenge – Day 8

9 Nov

Winter’s Ear!

For most of today I have been fighting with myself on whether to go to the gym or not. (Guilt is just lovely). Thanks to a pesky ear infection and agonising sore throat, I have felt a little under the weather today and decided it would be best to have some rest time and watch the new 90210 season followed by the TOWIE finale!

Anyway despite my feelings of guilt, I listened to my body and went home after the doctors today to lie in bed with a nice hot cuppa and my keyboard to keep me occupied.

I am going to put the hotpants to the test by wearing them to bed and finding out whether they really do work as well while you sleep.

I’m feeling a bit like a chunkster today thanks to a silly comment from an evil boy that worked in Starbucks, who felt the need to put me down on one of those days where you just feel like hell.

I’m hoping the hotpants will work overnight giving me the flat tummy and slimmer hips I’ve been hoping for for quite some time.

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