Zaggora Hotpant Challenge – Day 7

8 Nov

Hello hotpant followers, I’m certain you will all be dying to hear how one week of wearing these phenomenal hotpants went.

Very sweaty. In a good way though, you feel these babies working instantly when you’re wearing them and I can happily say I have lost one inch off my waist already and 2lbs as well!

Despite having an incredibly wild, boozy weekend, (Jagerbombs are evil) I still feel toned from last weeks hotpant wearing and fitness regime.

I don’t have much cellulite, however the stubborn bit on the top of my thighs has shifted a little and my thighs appear a lot smoother than usual!

I’m feeling rather strange this week and believe I am coming down with something, I thanks the bank machine yesterday for dispelling my money and realised it’s time for me to chillax a bit.

Today I attended my circuits session wearing the hotpants and felt invigorated after it! I’m hoping by the end of this week I’ll have lost a little more and my thighs will be smaller (my problem area).

Another great thing I’ve noticed is due to the bloating I usually experience having gone down is my abs are fully visible now.

Not quite Nicole Sherzinger yet but we’ll see very shortly.



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