Zaggora Hotpant Challenge – Days 3, 4, 5 & 6

6 Nov

Sorry for the late posts the past few days, I was afraid that a daily account of me wearing hotpants and working out would ultimately bore you to tears until you gave up reading.

Therefore I felt it would be more effective to combine a few days in one to give a better view of how the hotpants have been working so far.

Day 3

The hotpants have effectively given me a flatter tummy so far, It has been difficult for me to weigh results through measurements as I tend to suffer a bit of hormonal bloating this time of month (you dig?). I don’t want to go into detail, however I have noticed a difference in the bloating since wearing the hotpants and this has significantly decreased.

I wore these on day 3 to a legs, bums and tums class and I can honestly say my thighs have been looking a little smoother already. Those fatty bits on my outer thighs have in fact disappeared and feels extremely toned now which I am very happy about! I’m hoping the next few days will provide an even greater result on my silhouette.

Day 4

Not one to usually suffer headaches, I have been getting terrible migraines lately that have made it difficult for me to concentrate as well as making me feel dizzy and tired.

I skipped the gym today, however went home to my trusty hotpants and it felt like I was working out just lying in bed by wearing these. Although I don’t think I sweat as much as when I wore them working out, I felt as though I could do a little detox from the comfort of my own home!

Day 5

I was bad today. In a hurry to get ready for the Doors Alive concert that evening, (Doors tribute band – they’re awesome!) I never managed to get to the gym to get some much needed exercise. I felt withdrawal symptoms from not going, but I had an amazing time at the gig that night and had decided to force myself into jogging the next day.

Here’s a tip: Mixing beer and cocktails is so not a good idea – my head’s been feeling horrific for the past few days and I doubt the alcohol from Friday did much for my fitness plan this week.

Day 6

I feel as though I’ve taken two steps forward and four step back, although I managed a forty-minute jogging session on Saturday with the hangover from hell, I didn’t feel that my hotpants got as much work from me as I only had a few hours sleep the previous night.

I’ve sworn off alcohol for the next few weeks and plan to wear the hotpants in full force over the next few days. Tomorrow its measuring time for one week wearing the hotpants. Wish me luck!


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