Zaggora Hotpant Challenge – Day 2

1 Nov

Day 2 – Hello hotpants, goodbye laziness

I’ll admit that I cheated a little today, even though I should be eating super healthy whilst participating in the hotpant challenge, I caved in and has some chocolate on my mid-morning break.

So anyway, I felt a tad guilty and despite feeling a bit down in the dumps and tired today, I forced my ass down to the gym and did a half hour run, 10 minute walk and some sit-ups and burpees. Not bad.

I’ve got rather used to wearing the hotpants already, and although you feel a little sweaty and horrible when you take them off, it also makes you feel like you should work even harder at the gym when wearing them to see results.

I wore tighter trousers at the gym today which was a bit mistake, I recommend if you want to hide these babies then to wear loose fit trousers over them.

Day 2 verdict: I’ve not noticed many results today, however its only my second day and I expect after a week to feel somewhat a difference.

I feel a little less bloated and slightly ‘detoxed’ wearing these.

My too-small jeans at home will be put to the test by Sunday and I’m praying they might slide on easily by then!

Too early to say whether these work, but it sure feels like your stomach deflates a little after wearing them, which for me is a bonus in itself.


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