Styletto Store Announcement!

1 Nov

Hey guys, I am very excited to announce that my website Styletto’s new online fashion and beauty store has finally opened!

At present there is only one item for sale but hey, its a start!

I am proud to announce my other site, has been doing fantastically of late, and I hope all you guys will love the shop as much as you do my blogs.

The first item for sale is this stunning ASOS Petite Red Lace Dress for £40.

You can read more about this and buy this stunning dress here:

More information about Styletto Shop below

Greetings fellow fashionista’s!

The Styletto Fashion store is an exciting online boutique with unique on-trend fashion items, vintage one-offs and some of blogger Lisa Boyle’s favourite quality items unavailable on the high street.

This shop is perfect for all those style-hunting gals in search of incredibly on-trend, glamorous and lust-worthy items.

Styletto fans will devour the fashion pieces and beauty products available to purchase at the Styletto store.

Think edgy, fashionable, glamorous and high-quality clothing without the heart-racing price tag.

Pop along and check out Styletto’s online shop and you’ll be like a kid in a candy store with all the drool-worthy items on offer.

The store provides a quick and efficient online service along with style tips, instant customer service and feedback on your purchases.

This exclusive style service is based in Glasgow and the UK but we’re hoping to expand the store very soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for our seasonal picks and finds guaranteed to keep you ahead of the fashion fraternity whilst feeding your shopping addiction at the same time!

Happy Shopping, Styletto xx

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