Zaggora Hotpant Challenge!

31 Oct

Too good to be true? Read my daily posts of the Zaggora hot pant challenge helping celebrities drop two jeans sizes in two weeks! 

I don’t know about you guys, but for me winter is one of those times you just want to curl up in bed with some tea and chocolate hibernate away from the cold outside.

So despite being an avid gym-goer, it can be rather difficult for me to remain trim during the festive season, with constant temptation of stodgy foods and tins of chocolate often readily available at home and in the office.

If there’s anything that could help me to drop a jeans size ( I swear Topshop are making them smaller) without much effort, then I’m all for it.

Zaggora, the phenomenal  sports brand who launched the life-changing hotpants have helped woman to drop up to two dress sizes in two weeks just by wearing these shorts, which when worn around the house or working out, effectively help you drop inches and weight by using your own body heat.

Celebrities and brides-to-be have snapped the hotpants up in seconds, with over 100,000 pairs being sold in just ten weeks and millions of Facebook fans declaring their love for the hotpants on the social networking site.

One woman wrote: “I couldn’t believe it when I dropped a dress size in a week,”  and another woman proclaimes to have shrunk from a size 20 to 16 in just a few weeks time.

Bride Dessi Bell says she had tried yoga, the gym, expensive creams and even personal training before searching for something new on google, and after trying the hotpants she was the first to lose 2 jeans sizes in 2 weeks before her wedding.

26,000 pairs were sold by Groupon UK in 2 days and this helped Zaggora to gain a legion of fans across the world, resulting in a pair of hotpants being sold every minute.

Although I don’t exactly need to lose much weight, there’s never any harm in losing a few inches from my waist and also busting cellulite at the same time, so this week I have decided to embark upon the Zaggora two-week challenge.

The challenge consists of wearing the hotpants at least 30 minutes a day for two weeks, preferably whilst working out or even to bed.

Many women have chosen to wear them to work underneath their office attire, losing jeans sizes whilst sitting at their desks!

This seems too good to be true, however after reading various testimonials and reviews on these hotpants, apparently they really do work! 

They have become so popular that they have become one of the most desirable weight-loss weapons ever since.

The hotpants use bio ceramic technology which uses your natural body heat to target those stubborn fatty areas many woman complain about, helping you to sweat more, burning more calories in the long run.

Celu‐Lite™ technology reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to higher levels of perspiration and therefore breaking down fat and toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

After receiving my hotpants through the post, I was excited but nervous to try them.They look slightly like the hold-in pants people wear to smooth lumps and bumps underneath a dress, however when I tried them on they were surprisingly comfortable and discreet!

The hotpants claim to:

  •  Reduce body fat and the appearance of cellulite by using natural body heat to increase perspiration by up to 80 %.
  • Help you to lose 2 jeans sizes in 2 weeks, with an average result of losing between 10 – 12lbs in weight within two weeks.
  • Drop inches from your waist, hips, bum and thighs.
  • Double your workout, a half hour workout wearing the hotpants reportedly is the equivalent of one hour.
  • The immune system is strengthened as your body temperature rises, because your system is fighting an ‘artificial fever’. Profuse perspiration has also been proven to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, creating beautiful and improved texture, colour and tone.

Day 1 

Bye booze binges and bloatedness 

I’m told by Zaggora that to participate effectively in the two week challenge, I should wear the hotpants for at least 30 minutes a day and measure myself before and after the challenge to mark the results.

So before I hit the gym, all enthusiasm and rocky-style motivation, I measure round my waist (gulp) and it reads 26.5 inches, not fat but not what it used to be, I used to have a teensy 24 inch waist (sigh).

My upper thighs measure 20 inches, and my weight measures exactly 8 stone. I’m hoping this challenge helps me to lose two inches from my thighs and waist and a few pounds at most.

The hotpants are lightweight enough to fit in my bag and don’t look too bad, they look like black workout shorts, but I don’t feel confident enough to wear them alone so I pull them on underneath my trousers.

I attracted some very strange looks in the ladies changing rooms when trying these on, they came up to underneath my rib-cage but were barely visible under my workout trousers and t-shirt.

The feel like a cross between wet-suit shorts and the hold-in pants I spoke about and make a strange noise when pulling them up. 

I decided to put them into use by wearing them to my Monday circuits class, an intensive workout that would surely have me sweating like mad by the end of it.

After a weekend of excess and Sunday roasts, I’m feeling a lot more bloated than usual and the hotpants have come at the perfect time for me. 

Slightly afraid that these would make me uncomfortably hot, I was also worried that I’d be faint after all the sweating at the end of the class.

However despite my concerns, I forgot I was even wearing them and felt just the same as usual. However when it came to taking them off, my legs and stomach was extremely sweaty and to my delight, my stomach looked a little less bloated already!

Day 1 Verdict – My cringe-worthy advice would be to carry spare underwear with you after your workout as your butt gets a little sweaty! However these are comfortable and appear to be working already.

I can’t wait to wear these again after reading other reviews, one woman’s waist went from 30 to 27 inches in two weeks!

Keep reading over the next few weeks to find out the results!


3 Responses to “Zaggora Hotpant Challenge!”

  1. diary of a dashinista May 29, 2012 at 9:46 am #

    Great post! I’m considering getting a pair of the Flares – have you tried them?

    • Fashion Hungry May 31, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

      I’m actually just about the review the new Viva leggings but I also do love the look of the flares, must try them also!x

      • diary of a dashinista May 31, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

        Can’t wait to read your review of the Vivas 🙂
        I do like them as well, but wouldn’t feel as confident wearing bright pink or yellow pants for a run, so the Flare Capri are a must for me!

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