Christmas Beauty Lust List!

27 Oct

The beauty products to be lusted after this season…



Tis the season to be gorgeous. With so many exciting christmas beauty collections out right now, no wonder the beauty industry hasn’t been affected by the recession. 

Such wondrous goodies could cause one to weep is they fail to miss out on them, however there are some amazing cult products that have been around for a while now that are at the top of my x-mas lust list.

Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Mask 

This Intensive  Nourishing Treatment Mask from Liz Earle is simply divine for winter. Not like any other face masks I’ve tried before, this feels lick a rich cream when applied to the skin and is specifically made to suit sensitive skin in need of a moisture boost during the winter period.

I’ve been using this lush mask twice a week over the past few weeks and is possibly the only face mask I’ve tried that doesn’t sting or burn my skin and it leaves it baby soft rather than dry after wiping it off with the muslin cloth provided. 

Containing natural ingredients such as borage oil, shea butter and St.Johns wort, this creamy mask really penetrates the skin and makes it look positively calm and radiant after using it. This is one of those luxury products that I will continue to purchase as it really makes my skin look and feel amazing.

This is like a natural deep conditioner for the skin that really soothes and smoothes the skins appearance. No wonder this became a Beauty Bible Awards winner. 

This new High Shine Trio set from bareMinerals is at the top of my xmas wish list right now and will come in perfect for party-season as metallic eyes are bang on trend right now.

These three high-intensity shades are set to replace my usual smokey brown eyes once I get a hold of them. They come in silver, gold and a versatile rose pink shade which can all be worn subtly at day-time blended together for supreme glamour at night. 

Each eyeshadow comes with its own sponge-tip applicator so its glide and go, perfect for transforming from day to night after work.I love the gorgeous frostiness of this trio and they are so cute to carry around too! 

Origins Mega Mushroom Serum

The reason I’ve put this product on my xmas wish list is because I was so damn pleased with the results that I’ve already managed to finish my bottle!

I got the most amazing bargain ever with the rather expensive Origins products, after spotting the miniature set at a car boot sale with this serum, moisturiser, treatment lotion and mini face wash, I got this for an astounding £2.50!

I almost swooned when the lady said the price, she clearly didn’t know how worthy Mega Mushroom was! But now I need a new one, I thought I’d share with you guys how lust-worthy this product really is.

It’s normally quite expensive so I’m saving my pennies up for a new one! I like to treat my skin to the Liz Earle face mask followed by this serum a few nights per week and my skin always looks super soft and glowy, something rare in winter! 

This is the best serum I tried (although it smells a bit funny) and I’m pretty sure beauty junkies will love it too.

Osis Dust It

Most of you seeking big, bouncy Cheryl Cole hair will have probably already tried this product, however this is so amazing that I had to put this on this month’s Lust List!

This texturising powder puts the oomph! back in your hair and transforms fine, limp hair to full, uplifted locks in one shake. I love using this trusty powder after the gym if I haven’t got time to wash, this soaks up any grease and volumises the hair phenomenally.

My roots instantly appear fuller and gives my hair the full, pumped up look I’m always looking for.

Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder

I am in search for the perfect pressed powder right now and think this could be the one. 

Exquisitely packaged and ultra-pretty, this powder contains amazing technologies to produce radiance on the skin whilst setting foundation.

The product, by Guerlain contains an ingenious blend of colour correcting and light-enhancing shades to mattify the skin whilst brightening the skin and reducing redness.

I reckon if someone buys me this for christmas I’ll be a very happy girl. However the packaging and formula is so luxurious I think I’d rather keep this on show on my dressing table.

 Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Collection

Bobbi Brown are celebrating their 20th anniversary with the release of this stunning lip palette, part of the ultra iconic Holiday Gift Collection.

Lipstick lovers will devour this handy palette containing 20 lip shades including 10 of Bobbi Brown’s original lip shades launched in 1991 (very vintage) and 10 bright modern shades for this season’s bold brights trend.

The palette contains a mix of pinks, neutrals, reds, plum and berry shades to suit every skin-tone as well as a mini lip-brush for on the go applications.

Just as I thought I may have enough lipsticks, this has to come along and spoil everything. After this, I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough lipsticks by then. Maybe.

Beauty Bite: Liz Earle have just launched Liz Earle TV, an exciting new channel for Liz Earle fans to tune into videos on expert tips, advice and beauty tutorials. Check it out at:

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