1 Sep

Whiskey, Mystics and Men

For those who don’t personally know me, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am madly obsessed with The Doors. My obsession for the 60s phenomenon has extended through to my wardrobe, leaving me gasping every time I discover a new Jim Morrison t-shirt / dress and ensuring that I’m handing over my card before you can say “how much?”

When I clicked on to net-a-porter tonight, I was scrupulously searching for one of those key items that you just know you’ll never be torn apart from. This gem of a tee from net-a-porter is a tad pricier than my other favourite Doors tees, one a long black vest from ASOS and another a colourful rock tee from River Island.

I have GOT to own this, so please if anyone is listening, please, pretty please can you allow me to purchase this little gem? If I don’t own this soon, I will possibly be prolonging the pain of not having it tucked safely into my wardrobe. It would be perfect for my next Doors Alive concert (the tribute band) when worn with leather shorts, a trilby hat and ankle boots.

Jim Morrison top, £135 Faith Connexion at net-a-porter.com.


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