Confessions of a Sex and the City Virgin

14 Jun

The possibility of a third film provokes some serious thought…

It’s Friday night the girls are gathered, heel-clad and sipping cocktails in a dimly lit bar.

We’re all laughing and joking and having a considerably great time, when inevitably, the conversation switches to films.  Many of which involve the discussion over a hot male actor of some kind. Channing Tatum anyone? Always a fun topic.

Then all of a sudden, my friend brings up the new Sex And The City sequel. I go silent, hoping the girls won’t notice my lack of input. So I sip my cocktail, smiling and nodding along as they conspire together, making sure not to mention my dirty little secret.

Despite knowing who Carrie Bradshaw is, (I’m a writer for Pete’s sake) I’ve never actually seen any of the Sex and the City films. Or even an episode. When someone kindly compares me to columnist and author Carrie Bradshaw (a poorer version) although I am flattered, I find it a little hilarious.

You see, I am in fact, a self-confessed SATC virgin. I have merely watched half an episode – and display a greater knowledge about the cast of Mob Wives than Carrie and her cougar friends.

Although many wouldn’t consider it a big deal, for a shopaholic, fashion-writer and girly girl, the mere confession of having not seen an entire episode of SATC can draw gasps from a crowd.

So that moment, whilst attempting to fade into the background while the girls chatted away, I vowed to purchase a box set pronto.

A bit tipsy, I decided to come forward. “I’ve never seen Sex and the City” I say meekly, secretly hoping the girls haven’t heard.

“What you haven’t seen the film?” my friend asks casually, staring at me through a set of spider-like lashes.

“I haven’t seen a single episode,” I reply cautiously, using alcohol as a tool for my bravado.

“What?!” All four of my girlfriends exclaim, with horrified looks on their faces. I nod solemnly, knowing exactly what’s about to come.

The offers come flying in. My friends are extremely supportive.

“Don’t worry I’ll give you a loan of my season one box set!” one offers, with a panic stricken look on her face.

“Why haven’t you watched it??” another asks, completely baffled.

I feel pressurised into giving a half decent reason as to why I, fashion lover and blogger is yet to see an entire episode of Satc.

And yet I struggle to come up with a decent answer. “I just haven’t got round to seeing what it’s like yet.” I retort nonchalantly, attempting to brush it off.

It all seems a bit overwhelming, as my friends lay their judging eyes upon me, shaking their heads in confusion.

Although the scenario seems a tad exaggerated, there is no denying how shocking it can be to some people that I have missed out on many years of one of the most popular tv series ever made.

A bit like saying you have never watched Eastenders, or tried chinese food, declaring that I had missed out on something so loved by females (and probably males) across the world was utterly astonishing to some people.

I confess to a male friend, hoping he will laugh along with me at my friends extreme reactions.

“But you’re like the embodiement of Carrie!” he says, suspiciously clued up on the show.

Maybe he’s right, I think, considering what it would be like to be part of a Sex and the City fan club.

I had noticed a lot of events were based upon the TV series. The sound of a Satc girls night seemed too good to miss. From what I heard it involved lots of cosmopolitans, lots of eclectic dressing, and lots of gossiping.

There was even talk of cupcakes and makeovers.

And now that there is rumours of a possible third film to be made, it seems that this could be the time for me to give it up, and spend a Sunday in bed watching Satc marathons.

The funny thing is, I’m almost certain I’ll love it. What is worrying me most, is that the show may have the same effect that Gossip Girl has on both my taste, and my credit card.

Maybe I’ll eventually get to know whether I’m Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte.


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