Trend Bite: Seventies Revival

2 Apr

The High Street Go Wild for 70s Style

Purple Jumpsuit, £70 at Warehouse.

When the High Street began loading their shops with 70s pieces early on this year, we weren’t surprised. The Catwalks went crazy for  sophisticated seventies pieces in their Autumn / Winter collections in 2010, which soon followed with an ultimate revival of the seventies for 2011.The 70s trend  is a lot more sophisticated this time round – its all about well-fitting tailored clothing with floaty blouses and super glamour. Team a 70s a-line skirt with a sheer pussybow blouse tucked in and ankle socks under skyscraper platforms. Floppy hats add additional glamour and coloured satchels add a smart twist to every outfit.

The bohemian trend always seems to make a comeback each summer, but this time it has made a dramatic impact to high street fashion. Stores such as Miss Selfridge, Topshop and River Island have featured palazzo pants and sexy jumpsuits as some of their most popular pieces this season and River Island have even released a collection of clothing inspired by the popular store of the 70s – Chelsea Girl. The Chelsea Girl store was founded in 1965 and became one of the UK’s first ever fashion boutique chains. Chelsea Girl was met with great appreciation from fashion lovers in the UK, with on trend pieces and stunning fabrics, this was the epitome of style in the 70s. However in 1988, Chelsea Girl was closed down and re-invented as ‘River Island’ which has now become just as successful as the original store. River Island must have finally noticed how popular 70s has become and decided allow Chelsea Girl a comeback, with high-waisted flares and stunning blouses being some of the key pieces within their collection.

A Chelsea Girl campaign when it was first founded.

Today's Chelsea Girl Collection Campaign.

Here are some fabulous 70s style pieces which include Chelsea Girl’s new collection, that will ensure you look your most stylish this season:

Maxi Dress, £30 Chelsea Girl.

Denim A-Line Skirt, £35 Marks & Spencers.

Blouse, £30 Chelsea Girl.

Vintage 70s Dress, £58 at Its Vintage Darling.

Suede Satchel Bag, £36 River Island.

Pleat Trousers, £36 ASOS.

Floppy Hat, £10 Next.

Modern Diva Platforms, £70 Office Shoes.

Sunglasses, £10 Next.

Chelsea Girl Vest.

Palazzo Pants, £20 Chelsea Girl.

Blouse, £25 Chelsea Girl at River Island.

Flared Jeans, £35 Chelsea Girl.

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