Top Five Product Rave’s of the Month!

13 Jan

Tried & Tested Amazing Products!

Although there has been many beauty posts on Fashion Hungry there hasn’t been a product rave post yet. Every month I will be dedicated to finding the top five beauty, hair and skin care products of the month that are all tried and tested to ensure you beauty hungry girls out there are informed about them! Here’s my 2011 January product raves. Enjoy!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Starter Kit £13

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Starter Kit

Liz Earle’s skin care has been bestselling for several years and were known to be sold  mainly through television channel QVC. Due to the mass attention and praise that her products have attracted over the years, namely the Cleanse & Polish set, Liz Earle has been voted best skin cleanser from the likes of Glamour Magazine and many more. After reading up on the cleanser and hearing women discuss its miraculous results I finally caved in and purchased it from my local John Lewis store and at £13 for the 100ml cleanser and two muslin cloths, I decided it was a steal.

At first I was a bit scared that this thick creamy cleanser would block the pores on my combination skin or make it look ever more greasy however after several days my pores were totally clear, blackheads virtually gone and I had a slight glow to my skin which was amazing because in winter my skin is often dull and lacks that je nais se quoi. The box tells you to use this cleanser morning and night however I find there’s no need to use it in the morning because the skin is already cleansed and only really needs a splash of water. I honestly think I’ve found my no.1 cleanser and I just knew I had to include this in my new product rave article!

The cleanser uses naturally active ingredients including cocoa butter, rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus which leave the skin feeling incredibly soft and clean after using it. I applied the cleanser (one pump) straight onto my makeup and over my eyes which were covered in both liner and mascara which surprisingly, didn’t make them sting whatsoever.  Next I ran the muslin cloth under hot water, wrung it out and placed it onto my skin for a minute to open up the pores. I wiped the makeup straight off and I was happy to see it took off all my eye makeup also without me having to rub harshly at them (I don’t want eye wrinkles) and finally rinsed my face with cold water to close the pores again.

I’m extremely pleased with the results of this product although after a few days there may be some flaky patches over the nose where the dead skin cells have been and where the muslin cloth has exfoliated. These disappear after I put on moisturiser after a few days and my skin has never looked so radiant! I hope this keeps on working for me because I find after a while products start to bother my skin but I will update shortly to let you know how the new regime is going!

Wella Sp Hair Repair Mask £10.00

Wella Sp Hair Mask

I dyed my usually light brown highlighted hair a violet red colour a few months ago as I was bored and fancied a change. However because it is such a pigmented colour I have had to colour my hair almost every two weeks! Which to be honest has left me with slightly damaged and brittle hair. I visited a few salons to see if I could go back to my usual colour but as most of you know, red is the most difficult colour to get out and unfortunately my hair is far too fine and not in the best condition to be stripped. So off I went almost crying that I would be stuck with my faded red hair for another month until I could possibly get it back to normal and was advised to find a good conditioning repair mask to get my hair back to its usual condition.

I visited a local salon and they advised me to buy Wella’s System Professional (Sp) Repair Mask as it apparently repairs hair up to 100 per cent after use! It was also half price from £20 to £10 so I decided to give it a go and see if it would help my hair look better again. As soon as I got home I applied the mask to damp-hair for 10 minutes and rinsed out with lukewarm water keen to see the results.

After blow-drying my hair I already noticed a difference in it. It felt extremely soft and was super glossy and shiny! Result! Also for some reason it felt thicker than usual which is great for my really long hair! I will definitely continue using this product maybe even on a daily basis so that I can get my hair looking really healthy again and I just know it will look even better within another week! You only need a small amount too so the tub will last ages and was definitely worth the price!

Mac Cham Pale Rose Ole’ Highlighter £18.00

Mac Special Reserve Highlighter in Rose Ole’

As an avid fan of Mac’s products, when I heard about their new Cham Pale collection I knew I had to take a stop at Mac and have a peep. The Cham Pale collection is really good, although the only products that really stood out to me was the paint pots and the highlighters. Rose Ole’ is a slightly shimmery pinkish highlighter that has a beautifully decorated texture that is easy on the eye. It looks so pretty and I look forward to applying it every day as it gives the skin a wonderful sheen when applied to the cheekbones.

 I used a Mac 129 brush to sweep upwards from the outer corner of the eye to the tops of the cheekbones in a c-shape and although it has a slight tint to it, it really accentuates the cheekbones and you can even go without a blush with this as it has a very natural tint to it. This is one of the most perfect highlighter’s I have tried yet and although slightly pricey at £18, I just know it will last me ages as you only need the tiniest amount. A great Mac buy.

Loreal Million Lashes Mascara in Ultra Black £10.99

Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara


The one product I couldn’t live without is most definitely my mascara. It opens up the eyes and makes me look alive even when I’ve just woken up. Always on the hunt for the perfect mascara, I usually try a different one every time I run out. However having tried Million Lashes before and loved it, I decided to purchase the Ultra Black version and test if it was better than my Max Factor False Lash Effect. The answer was yes, I find that this Loreal mascara is a lot better than my other favourite Max Factor one. My lashes looked super long and black and when getting my eyebrows threaded the lady thought I had falsies on!

This is definitely competing with the more expensive Diorshow mascara which was a previous favourite and because this one is much less expensive – Dior £25 and Loreal £10.99 I think that I’ll be sticking to Loreal when it runs out.

Mac Constructivism Paint Pot £14.50

Mac Constructivism Paint Pot

Another Mac product has managed to sneak its way in to my product rave post this month and boy what a product. With taupe and brown eyeshadow being one of the major beauty trends of the season, I decided to invest in a good brown eyeshadow base to use underneath my neutral brown and bronze palettes for major staying powder. However although this acts as a great primer, contructivism can be used alone as a cream eyeshadow as it is highly pigmented and looks a gorgeous deep metallic brown on the eyes. Sometimes I use this alone over the lid and to line the eyes in a cat-shape and other times I use this underneath my favourite Mac eyeshadows ( Mac Bronze and Mulch in case you’re wondering).

The paint pot is huge and will probably last me about two years! This is one of the things I love about Mac is that their products do honestly last a lifetime and although their skin products aren’t the best, when it comes to lipsticks, blush and eyeshadow they are cream of the crop.

Simple Vital Vitamin Moisturiser £4.99

Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream

Most of you know Simple as the pretty cheap and cheerful skin care range that is available almost anywhere. Superdrug, Boots, Asda you name it all stock this simple range at different prices and while most people tend to think of Clinique for their up-market skin care products I am quite biased to say I truly believe Simple outwins the Clinique brand.

First of all, I have quite sensitive combination skin that is prone to irritation and hormonal breakouts every now and again. During my teenage years my skin was actually at its best then and now at 21-years-old it doesn’t seem to be as blessed as I strangely was as a teen.  As a beauty junkie I’ve tried almost every skin care brand on the market to see what works for my skin and what doesn’t and unsurprisingly skin care with the least chemicals work best with myself.

 Simple uses natural ingredients which don’t inflame the skin and cause irritation like most chemically-induced products do. One of my favourite products in the Simple range is this Vital Vitamin Night Cream. It feels light yet very hydrating on the skin without being too rich and greasy and it doesn’t break me out or cause itchiness or redness that most night creams do. I also love the fact that when I wake up after using this my skin still feels extremely soft and isn’t oily. A wonder cream in my opinion. This is a bargain and a great product and definitely worth a rave!

Next month’s product raves will include the most amazing foundation and lipbalms!


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