22 Dec

The Trends that you’ll be wearing for 2011…

2011 is going to be the year of fun, flirty fashion.

It’s always exciting discovering the latest trends and looks that lie ahead following a new year. There’s usually the weird ones, that you tell yourself you’ll never wear but end up overdrawn due to a newfound taste in ‘eclectic’ fashion. There’s the ones that have been here already, that make you severely upset that you binned the 80s style jumpsuit after it became dated first time round. And there’s the ones that you know right away, are made for you. The trends that suit your style, your figure and even your purse-strings! You just know you have to have that amazing item before February comes round.

In all essence, it seems right to want to change your wardrobe as the new year arrives. A new year is all about new beginnings, change and better things. Fashion allows you to rediscover who you are and what you are all about. Fashion is expression.

So what better way to celebrate the new year than expressing yourself like never before with the clothing that inspires you to look and feel great. Here’s some of the amazing upcoming trends that are in store for 2011.

Models exude youthful feminism in bold neon colours and ladylike fabrics.



Biker Babe

Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen is a fan of the biker babe look.

The biker trend has came and gone many of times over the years. No longer are biker jackets saved for loyal motorcyclist’s, the epitome of biker chic, this staple jacket looks tough worn with the prettiest of dresses. Think Marlon Brando meets Debbie Harry, with a feminine twist.

The Biker trend is set to replace military fashion this year, with statement leather, silver baroque and neophrene headlining the fabrics of this ultra cool look. Burberry set the trend by sending his models down the runway clad in belted biker coats, skin-tight trousers and amazing metallic jackets. Be sure to look out for anything with added zips, buckles and studs when hunting for a jacket because this year biker is tougher than ever.

The trend doesn’t limit to jackets and skirts, invest in some detailed biker trousers, panels, padding and zips add a modern edge to this sexy look. The new look of the biker babe oozes rebellion, sophistication and confidence. We’re guessing the Balmain leather jacket will be snapped up quicker than you can say Harley Davison.

Acid Brights

Christopher Kane LFW Runway 2011

Neon. Once only a word used to describe rave music-lovers fashion, the word often causes alarm bells to ring when it comes to colour. But not this year. Neon has often made subtle appearances in the Spring / Summer collections of the past. Never one to overwhelm, acid brights are selected rarely for use within accessories and perhaps the odd party dress when we’re feeling bold.

A rainbow of fashion at the Christopher Kane show.

However this year, neon has gone wild, neon green and orange leather skirts caused a stir at Christopher Kane’s Ready To Wear show for Spring / Summer 2011. Turquoise Pringle diamond cardigans were slung over the shoulders of neon green floral dresses and Mad Men inspired lady-dresses took an immoral twist in neon pink lace, adding unexpected wackiness to the overall look.

Christopher Kane sent his models down the runway in a flurry of orange, pink and turquoise.

This tricky trend is not for the faint-hearted but if 2011 is the year of futurism, this look will allow anyone to boldly go where they’ve never gone before.

Animal Magic

Roberto Cavalli 2011 Runway show.

Sexy bootcut jeans were teamed with leopard print at the Cavalli Spring / Summer 2011 show.

Animal Print is here to stay and will be bigger than ever in 2011. Leopard print has been seen all over the catwalks of late, from leopard shift dresses to coats and accessories. Roberto Cavalli went for his usual outlandish prints for his Spring / Summer 2011 runway show, layering leopard print with tassle detailing for a Pocahontas style look. Opt for the animal print of your choice and wear it in minimalistic cuts or brighten up an LBD with a splash of leopard print accessories.

This is statement wear so “its all about the confidence”, according to super-stylist Gok Wan. However beware – try not to go overboard or you’ll end up being mistaken for Kat Slater.

Embellishment created a glamorous feel the the animal theme of the Cavalli runway show.


One Response to “2011 FASHION ALERT”

  1. Jadeyxx January 5, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    Not a big fan of Christopher Kanes looks but love the biker trend! ❤ ur blog btw its so cute and fab!

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