Winter Beauty Essentials!

3 Nov

Winter wonders that will see you through until Springtime…

Prevent looking this pale all year round...

So its finally winter. The hats and gloves are out and unfortunately so is chapped skin.

It doesn’t sound so great now does it? Winter is one of the season’s  that our skin tends to suffer. Dry, dehydrated skin, frizzy weather-worn hair and pasty faces don’t exactly make us feel all that great. On top of that our Vitamin levels have dropped dramatically leaving us looking (and feeling) a tad drained.

However do not fret my friend, with new technologies making our favourite beauty products more advanced than ever, it is easy to find your perfect skin saviour. There are millions of brands making products especially to suit every one of us individually, no matter what our skin types.

Here’s my pick of some of the best winter beauty must haves of the year.

The Beautifying Moisturiser…

The perfect night cream for sensitive skin.

As the winter weather is very drying on the skin, it is very important to purchase a good moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated during the cold months. Dry skin can result in flaky patches and dull looking skin which doesn’t look good no matter how much makeup is plastered on!

A great moisturiser is The Body Shop’s aloe soothing night cream. This works amazing on sensitive skin as its natural ingredients won’t irritate or inflame the skin, plus the aloe vera ingredient calms any redness that you might suffer and leaves skin feeling extremely soft in the morning. Result!

The Miracle Foundation

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation, around £23. I used shade No.2 which was perfect for my skin.

When Lancome launched its new Teint Miracle foundation, I thought the publicity it had received was a tad overrated. However my obsession with finding the perfect foundation forced me to grab some of the samples from Debenhams, it was a must try.

I must say I am absolutely amazed by this foundation! It’s claim to be the “holy grail” of foundation isn’t far off. This amazing formula feels super light and natural on the skin and gives an amazing flawless coverage that glides perfectly over pores and spots, leaving a radiant glow to the skin.

The foundation helps to recreate the skin’s natural light and also has the added bonus of SPF 15 protection. One thing I also noticed is that despite my combination skin, it lasts great throughout the day when set with a little powder and still remains looking natural and glowy even after a sweaty workout! This has got to be one of my favourite beauty finds that I’ve ever come across!

The Lip Saviour

Chapped lips have got to be one of my biggest annoyances when it comes to this time of year. There is one thing I never leave the house without and that is most definitely lipbalm. First of all, I hate the feeling of dry lips and second of all I LOVE lipbalm. There are so many different flavours and textures it is difficult to restrain myself in collecting any more.

Chapped lips look bad, they hurt and they most definitely are not kissable. The Body Shop’s lip butters are absolutely tantalising. There are so many flavours such as coconut, strawberry and many more, and they also include ingredients such as Vitamin E and lip softening Shea butter, ensuring lips stay super soft for ages.

The Body Shop Lip Butter in Mango. Mmmmmmmm...

The Sun-Tan in a Bottle

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe, £18 -£30.

How could I forget fake tan. Perhaps one of the greatest things to keep you looking alive through Winter, the tan-in-a-bottle will keep you looking super sun-kissed the whole year round.


Despite telling myself I’d stick to the pale and interesting look this year (well vampires are the IT-thing nowadays!) I bit the bullet and invested in a bottle of thee finest fake tan around – Xen-Tan. I normally hate false tanning, it smells, its sticky and the next day your either resembling Jody Marsh on a good day or have sickening patches that are unbearable to get off. However this fake tan is a whole new kettle of fish.

Avoid the Duane Chapman look at all costs when it comes to tanning!

After exfoliating and moisturising (the perfect pre-tanning guidelines) I used rubber gloves to apply the tan all over. The green liquid was a bit frightening at first however I hoped for the best and left it to dry in and off to bed I went. The next morning I had to shower the excess tan off and I was pleasantly surprised to see the horrible green tinge was gone and hey-presto! I had developed an envy-worthy golden tan that looked natural and didn’t leave any patches whatsoever! A few of my friends noticed straight away that I was looking a bit healthier than usual and my new found olive colouring also looked fabulous with the petrol-blue dress I wore on a night out!

The Cutesy Blush

Peachy cheeks are in this season.

Blush is one of the best ways to brighten any complexion, especially during the winter months when skin can begin to look pale and pasty. The one colour that suits every skin type when it comes to blusher is apricot. Apricot tones boost every skin tone and leave cheeks looking perfectly pinched and naturally healthy.

Mac Melba blush, £16.

My favourite apricot-toned blush has got to be Melba By Mac £16, it has the perfect amount of peachy-pink and good pigment that you can build up for a healthy flush on the skin. This colour looks absolutely gorgeous on. When I first applied this on the skin I recieved loads of compliments!

The Power Pout

Scarlett Johansson embraces the hot red lipstick trend.

Brightly painted lips have been a hot trend in the beauty department this year. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole have all been spotted wearing a palette of rainbow bright lipsticks. Fushcia pink, coral and cherry red are some of the hottest lip colours to be seen in this season. Christian Dior sent his models down the runway in bright red lipstick teamed with bright blue eyeshadow colours, whereas the Marni models sported matte orange lips at the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show.

Marni Fashion Week models wore clashing bright lipsticks at the Spring / Summer 2011 show.

This makeup trend should be worn with confidence. Brighten up an LBD with some sexy red lipstick or clash a fuschia colour with a daring outfit. This is the season to experiment with makeup, especially on the lips and makeup brands such as Mac and Rimmel offer the perfect opportunity to try out this bold new look.

Purple and burgundy coloured lips are also massive this winter. Revlon lipstick in ‘Black Cherry’ and Mac ‘Media’ are two favourites of mine. The models at Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week runway show for Spring / Summer 2011 wore smokey bronzed eyes teamed with super glossy, burgundy lips.

Beyonce wears Mac 'Girl about Town' lipstick and layers gloss over for a stunning smile.

The lipstick of the season.


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