The Super Six!

5 Oct

Styling has never been so easy…

Stylists are now claiming that you only need six items to revamp your wardrobe.

These six must have items must be practical yet stylish in order to create a range of different looks. They can be worn mixed together and emphasised with the correct accessories and perfect shoes to create an effortless look will look new every day.  Here I have decided to embrace the challenge and have created four different outfits with a selection of on-trend items that can be worn to almost any event.

Choose wardrobe staples such as a pair of wearable trousers, a luxe dress, tops in a range of textures and one essential jacket that will take you from day to night.

The Six Items…

The camel shorts - Topshop £60.

The leather top - £70 Dorothy Perkins

The Biker Trouser - Topshop £38.

The Silk shirt - Topshop £35.

The Jacquard Dress - Next £65.

The Aviator Jacket - Lipsy £85.


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