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19 Aug

Winter Florals

As the Autumn leaves begin to appear, we’re waving goodbye to our beloved sandals and sunnies as we prepare for the cold that is creeping up on us like a credit card’s interest rate!

Florals were our no-fail summer staple and were worn everywhere from playsuits to jewellery. It is no surprise that florals have decided that they are here to stay for Autumn and Winter this year. Ultimately wearable, ladylike and pretty, floral patterns are everyones best friend when it comes to choosing the perfect print.

We’re not telling you to bin all your flourescent floral buys just yet however florals this winter are more subtle and subdued  in a colour palette of muted khaki and rose hues, and appearing throughout grown-up fabrics such as chiffon and silk.

Ralph Lauren’s A/W 2010 collection featured muted floral patterns against khaki chiffon and were worn over knitted polonecks and thick opaques. Ruffled floral maxi-dresses were the key pieces from the show, proving that the maxi dress is here to stay for winter.

Knitted beanie hats were featured in abundance, and khaki, black and shades of brown were key colours in the show. Shearling and tan leather were thrown into the occasion, giving a laid-back country feel to the collection. This year’s military look also made an appearance, this time khaki trousers were worn with thick polo-necks and leather boots.

The evening outfits had a gothic couture feel to them, and chiffon maxi dresses and lace gloves added drama. Trousers were heavily featured in the Ralph Lauren collection, in slouchy, wide-legged cuts as well as tweed fabrics.

Click on the images to get a close-up!


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