Grunge Girl…

19 Aug

This season is all about the hot mess.

Looking grungy has never been so cool but this time its done with a polished finish.

Tailored A- line skirts are teamed with oversized military jackets and super glossy hair and beaten biker boots are worn with lace tights and ruched fabrics.

Laidback ladies will fall in love with this season’s grunge trend because everything goes when it comes to this 90s inspired style. Courtney Love is probably one of the most famous z-list celebs known for her grunge-worthy sense of style. Today Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen embraces grunge by teaming controversial stockings with loose t-shirts and bags of attitude.

Grunge has never been so fun or wearable. Parka’s and ripped knits can be teamed with even the most luxurious fabrics to add a tough edge to any outfit. Experiment with this trend by mixing up glamourous sequin skirts with loose grungy tees and fishnets or team pretty crop tops with military shirts and denim.

This is a look that does not have to be put together however if you don’t want to risk being mistaken for a homeless person, be sure that your fabrics are luxurious and nails super groomed.

Taylor Momsen combines garters with plaid and lashings of leather.


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