12 Aug

Learn how to pamper yourself silly!

Every girl loves a good pampering session at the end of the day. You’ve worked hard all day, pounded the treadmill and all you want to do now is go home, freshen up and have some good ole’ relaxation me-time.

With women working longer hours, in more stressful jobs and having less time to themselves, its essential for them to treat themselves at the end of the day with a bit of pampering and a few slices of galaxy (well in my eyes that’s essential).

Nowadays it can be very pricey paying for luxury pampering sessions at salons. The average women spends around £300 per month or more on waxes, manicures, facials and similiar treatments to help them look and feel better. Here’s how to achieve your own time and money saving pampering sessions straight from your home that will live you feeling refreshed and beautiful for work the next day.

Step One – The Body: You’ve been a good girl and did all your homework, had your tea and now your ready to cleanse. If your aching, apply some relaxing leg gel on bare legs before getting ready to shower, rub in circular motions and you will start to feel your legs automatically relaxing. Chill for ten minutes with your favourite magazine. Try not to fall asleep.

No matter what you work as, I’m guessing once your home you don’t feel as energetic and refreshed as you did that day. Before you even think about showering, use a body brush to buff up the body in circular motions to get your circulation going and to help drain excess fluid. This can also help you beat cellulite if done everyday for around five minutes before showering, Brush up towards the heart.

Step Two – DIY Facial + Hair: First use a gentle foaming cleanser such as No.7 Gentle Foaming Cleanser £7.75 in the shower to wash away any traces of makeup, sweat or grime and once the face is clean and damp, work a face crub onto the skin in circular motions, buffing away any dead skin cells. A popular, inexpensive scrub like St.Ives Apricot Scrub £3.49 works wonders and doesn’t hirt the skin. Only exfoliate twice per week on normal, dry or sensitive skin and three to times for oily/ combination skin.

Leave the scrub on for one minute and then wash away, making sure there are no traces left. Apply a body scrub on the rest of the body and again, wash away after one minute. During this time you can wash the hair with your favourite shampoo and apply conditioner. Do not rinse the conditioner off.

After you have completed your usual ritual of shaving the legs etc, dry the face and body off and wrap a warm towl around the hair on top of the conditioner. Leave on for half an hour for an intensive treatment for hair.

Whilst this process is happening, work a facial oil containing Vitamin E onto the face, rubbing upwards in circular motions until it sinks into the skin. Superdrug do a great face oil for around 99p which leaves the skin soft and glowing the following day.

Vitamin E Facial Oil, 99p Superdrug.

Next is face mask time. Apply any face mask of your choice onto the skin avoiding the eyes and mouth. Mudd 99p which is available everywhere really, is great. Leave on for ten minutes.

Step Three – Silky Skin: While you have your head in a towel and face mask on, apply a rich body butter cream all over the skin. This will feel luxurious and after exfoliating your skin will feel gorgeously soft. Leave to dry and apply false tan if you feel the need. Dove self tanning moisturiser is a tanner and moisturiser in one and is even more of a time saver! Take a multivitamin pill whilst waiting and sip on water to detox the body. Drinking plenty of water promotes clear skin also.

Now you can rinse off your face mask. Don’t scrub it off harshly, rinse off with lukewarm water and soak the face with a damp cloth if having difficulty removing it. Gently pat the skin dry and apply a hydrating serum followed by a night cream of your choice one of the best and cheapest ones that has been nominated on the market is Morrisons night cream £1.99, again rubbing it up the way in circular motions. Your skin should be feeling amazing by now. Rinse off your hair conditioner and apply a volumising mousse and serum to the hair.

Step Four – DIY Tooth whitening trick: We all know teeth whitening can be both expensive and painful, however there is no need to go to these extremes. For teeth a shade whiter, use this trick once or twice per week.

First of all get some baking soda available at hand and use a small bowl to mix a spoonful of this with a spoonful of hydrgen peroxide, which you can buy at Boots Chemist 99p. If you are unable to get hold of this, the baking soda will do mixed with some lemon juice and toothpaste also. Mix the ingredients together. Next grab your toothbrush with some toothpaste on it, and dip into the mixture. Bursh teeth for around three minutes and make sure you don’t swallow any. Your teeth should be feeling really clean already. Repeat in the morning and next evening if necessary.

Step Four – Little Extra’s: You should be feeling pampered and refreshed already. If you want to throw in a few extra’s here are some more mini pampering tricks.

  • Remove old chipped polish, file the nails and apply a new shade that you’ve never tried before. You’ll be feeling more groomed and funky already.

  • For stronger, thicker lashes coat an old, clean mascara wand in olive oil and coat the roots and end of the lashed with it. This is a trick that is supposed to help the lashes grow.

  • If your feeling a tad bloated, drink one or two cups of chamomile tea. This is supposed to help you sleep as well as reducing bloating and helping with bad cramp. Stop eating carbs after 6pm and you will feel less bloated already.

  • For chapped lips rub gently with an old toothbrush to brush off dead skin and slather on vaseline afterwards.

  • For blackheads, whip up two egg whites together with a fork and then apply over the t-zone and affected areas. This is going to look silly but trust me it works! After you have the yummy looking egg whites applied all over the face, rip up pieces of tissue and place over the egg until covered. You will begin to look like a mummy but once this dries in (around ten to fifteen minutes, peel off the tissue and you will notice clearer skin already! Warning – Do not try this around boyfriends or husbands, you may have to pay thousands of pounds to repair that man shaped hole in the wall…

  • For an amazing, simple homemade scrub, squirt lemon juice onto a cotton pad and apply some brown sugar, exfoliate the skin in circles!

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    Hey, found this site on my twitter thought Id leave a comment! The blog is amazing Ill defo keep checking up! Love al ur amazin posts specially the fashion ones! I ❤ tOPSHOP!

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