Mac Cosmetic’s exciting new ranges!

4 Aug

Makeup lovers beware: May cause unsettling amounts of spending…

Digi-Dazzle Lip collection.

Most people who know me personally will most likely be aware that I am a sucker for cosmetic’s. My everyday makeup bag is bursting at the seam’s whereas my bedroom is stacked with storage boxes containing endless makeup products that I rarely use.

I am usually ‘in the know’ about the latest ‘miracle’ makeup products and I have a rainbow palette of lipsticks that my peers are often envious of. People who also know of my love affair with makeup will also be aware of my obsession with Mac Cosmetics. So when I casually clicked onto their site (often a daily occurence) I couldn’t contain my excitement at their new makeup releases, particularly the Digi-Pops Palette.

The collection allows you to purchase a very affordable square palette in which you fill with four eyeshadow’s of your choice from the whole Mac range so you have a mini compact that you can carry around in your handbag. Much more convenient I must say.

The best selling colours are available in the range such as Satin Taupe, Carbon etc as well as some amazing new bright’s, ensuring that your up to scratch with the latest beauty looks.

Square compact with clear lid and magnetic closure to use when customizing a quad of small Eye Shadows. Ultra-slim and stackable. Refillable Eye Shadows pop in and out with ease.

The Digi-Pop collection has also released some limited  face and eye brushes, which fit snugly in the super chic roll bag.

If you’re in love with lipstick like myself, you’ll also be heading down to Mac to check out the latest Digi-Dazzle lip collection, which is inspired by Glee!

If you’re a bit of a gleek yourself you’ll love this collection, which has 13 different colours to keep you satisfied until the next collection.

The collection includes a gorgeous cherry red colour Baby’s on Fire and even a hot orange shade if your brave called Hot Sass!

Guess I’ll just see you there.

Mac's Digi Pop face brushes £39.50, Limited Edition.

The five essential brushes you need to perfect your eye makeup. Also includes the limited edition bag.


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