Celebrity Makeup Look – Lily Allen

4 Aug

Lily’s Just Be Good to Green Makeup Tutorial

Lily's makeup in the new video Just Be Good to Green.

Lily Allen is a girl after our own hearts. She’s feisty, individually stylish and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. She’s also normal. She admits to love just sitting with a nice cup of English tea and ordering a Chinese (she refers to this in album It’s Not Me, It’s You).

Let’s face it Lily Allen is pretty damn cool. She’s partied with Kate Moss on a boat,  she’s worked with Mark Ronson and she’s even had a stand off argument with Elton John in front of millions of people.

Her great sense of eclectic style and great taste in Chanel bags has made Lily quite the fashionista. After seeing her new makeup look in the video Just Be Good to Green I knew I had to post this look.

Step One – Base: In this vid Lily’s base is quite pale and matt, she doesn’t have must blush on at all and it looks great with the dark eyes and nude lips.

Apply moisturiser and leave to dry for ten minutes before applying any foundation. If your skin gets very oily apply a mattifying, shine control moisturiser to ensure your skin stays matte throughout the day. I often use Garnier Shine Control Moisturiser around £4, which is great for even just using on the T-zone.

Next apply a mattifying foundation on the skin with fingers, ensuring that the full skin is flawless and matt. Lily is quite pale here, my favourite choice for this look would be Chanel Mat Lumiere £30 in Clair, however this is a bit pricy so another good choice would be Maybelline 24 hour foundation £9.99, which is so long-lasting you could wear it two days in a row!.

Apply concealer to any blemishes or under eye circles to esnure that the skin appears flawless, then dust a loose powder over the skin to set. Corn Silk powder in Transluscent is inexpensive and works wonders.

Step Two – Eyes: This is the best part of the look and perhaps the trickiest. I often apply eye makeup before my base so I can wipe off any smears before I do my face so it’s up to you which step you want to do first.

You can’t really tell in this image but Lily has a slight electric / navy blue shadow mixed in with the black on her lids and it looks amazing in the video. Before I would even apply any shadows to this look I’d start off with a black creme primer base all over the lid, using a shadow brush. This will intensify the colour and make the look more ‘Lily.’

Mac Shadestick £13 is great for this however if you also have any pots of gel eyeliner you can use a brush to sweep these all over the lid, flicking out with a liner brush at the edges for Lily’s cat eye look.

Mac Gel pot works on the lids just as good as any black primer.

Next pat on a black eyeshadow all over the lid, Mac shadow in Black Tied£11 is my favourite however any black shadow will do. where you have applied the black primer base to deepen the colour and make sure the colour holds all night. Use an eyeliner brush such as the Mac 266 brush to line under the eyes with the black shadow and flick out and up at the edges. Copy the image to see how far the line goes. The best length of the liner to stop is usually exactly where your eyebrow ends.

Eyes – Countouring: This is where you now bring the blue particles in. My personal choice of a blue / purple shadow would be Mac eye-shadow in Deep Truth £11. I am almost certain this is the colour that has been used on Lily. However Mac products can be very expensive and you can recreate this look with any shadow which is similar to this. Rimmel, Loreal and Collection 2000 has great shadow ranges so take a look at the Mac colour and try and match closely to this. However the look doesn’t have to be exact. Try mixing navy and purple shadows together too.

Mac Deep Truth shadow.

Take an eyeshadow contour or blending brush (I got mine for 99p from Superdrug! Just look for the words contour or blending) and take your blue / purple powder onto the brush and blend carefully into the sockets of the eyes, just over the top of where the black shadow ends and blend into the black carefully, making sure there’s no harsh lines. Drab some onto the inner corners and also onto the inner 3rd of the top lid, again blending carefully.

After your amazing dark eyeshadow is perfected, curl the lashes and add lots of super black mascara to make sure theire still visible under all that dark eyeshadow. If you’ve not got much lashes add some falsies and your eyes will be the talk of the night!

Step Three – Blush and Lips: The eyes are the main feature of this look so lips and blush is subtle. If your lips are quite rosy, dab concealer over them to tone down the colour. Next run a pale beige lipgloss over the lips such as Mac Lipglass in Florabundance £12.50, the colour is almost exact to the one in the image above!

Mac lipglass in Florabundance.

If you desperately need blush because you feel far to peely-wally, apply lightly some silvery highlighter onto cheekbones and some Benefit Dandelion on the apples of the cheeks.

Step Four – Eyebrows: Lily’s eyebrows are quite thin so just gently run a soft brown liner brush through the lids to keep them in tact.

I will soon update this with Lily’s hair look with the help of hair expert Joni Ewart.


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