Your Makeup Wardrobe… Revamped

10 Jun

Owning too much makeup can be a chore at times…

If your no stranger to make-up purchasing, then it could be time to revamp your make-up wardrobe.

Most people only think of their clothing wardrobe’s when it comes to an overhaul, however having a staple makeup wardrobe could be just as essential. Nowadays thanks to the credit crunch, more people are turning to makeup when looking to try out a new look. After all a new Mac lipstick is going to cost us far less than a new pair of Louboutins…

So it’s time to bin all your crusty old makeup collections that have been lying there for years and are possibly in danger of growing a head… Here’s the top makeup staples which are essential for your makeup wardrobe. You won’t need anything else.

The Screen Siren Lipstick

Nothing creates more impact than a red hot lipstick. Red respresents the colour of love, lust and passion whereas red lips have always been a classic screen siren look. Having a gorgeous red lipstick in your makeup wardrobe is essemtial and will take you from day to night in one glamorous sweep.

Finding the perfect red lipstick can be more satisfying than a caramel frappachino, so try out different shades to find your perfect match. Here I’ve picked out some of my favourites that suit almost any skin tone.

Chanel no.19 in Gabrielle £21. This show-stopping red lipstick is the perfect colour for almost anyone. Long-lasting yet creamy 'Gabrielle' is perhaps one of the most luxurious lipstick's on the market.

Maybelline lipstick in Fatal Red

The Early Night Concealer

We’ve all been there. One too many wines and zero hours sleep is difficult to disguise at the best of times. Your boss is looking at you suspiciously and your eyes are drooping to the floor while you casually attempt to cover up your late-night escapades with “Oh I just had an early night in with Eastenders…”

Its pretty darn obvious where you’ve been whilst your colleague sits smugly with her Touche’ Eclat perfected. In these emergency moments the one thing we’re in need of is the perfect concealer. A highlighting pen is perfect for covering up panda eyes, brightening skin and ensuring your skin is still glowing until 5pm. So this is why our staple concealer is more essential than the classic white shirt.

No.7 Instant Radiance Pen £13 Runner up to the famous Touche’ Eclat.
YSL Touche Eclat pen

The Perfect Mascara

If there’s one thing that women are often on a search for in beauty, it’s the perfect mascara. Mascara is the saviour to every womans beauty woes and most people would happily go makeup free – from the little exception that is eye-opening mascara.

There are so many new mascara’s out there nowadays it can be difficult to make a choice of what to even consider. Volumising, waterproof, Lengthening, thickening, conditioning and even vibrating mascara’s. Phew! That’s a lot of choice. Here’s my pick of some of the best.

Super Lashes

Loreal Million Lashes £10.99 The perfect all round mascara.

Best False Lash Effect

Diorshow Blackout Mascara £22

The Brightening Blush

A pretty shade of blush is an instant beautifier for the fair-skinned girl and her friend. Blusher gives a healthy glow to cheeks in an instant without the need for bronzer or any heavy coverage.

Nowadays there are many types of blushers out there to suit any type of skin. Dry-Skinned girls should stick to cream blushers for that dewy, fresh glow while powders and gel blushers last throughout the day. The perfect shade for everyone is a peachy-pink. It’s natural on all skin tones and doesn’t look too harsh on pale skintones or those who avoid makeup.

Nars Blush in Orgasm (around £25) is a wonderful shimmery blush that is on every beauty girls wish list!

Max Factor Cream Blush is available in most beauty stores and adds a perfect and natural dewy finish on the skin.

Smokey Eye Palette

Every girl knows a smokey eye can add drama to any look. Smokey eyes and a nude lip colour looks amazing at gigs and parties and adds an edge to any outfit. Here’s my pick of the best smokey eye palettes around.

Bourjois Smokey Eye Trio £6.99 has a range of different shades but the grey palette is by far the best for creating the smokey eye look. Mix the three together and add plenty of Kohl for a glamorous makeup look.

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette £25 - This deluxe palette has almost every shade of eye shadow there is. Check out youtube for ideas on how to create different looks using the palette.


One Response to “Your Makeup Wardrobe… Revamped”

  1. glam girl June 11, 2010 at 8:10 am #

    Love this article! Thanks for the great tips I love that smokey eyes palette just what I was needing!

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