Interviewing The Band – The Editor’s UK Tour

10 Jun

As the band swiftly breeze through their 2010 UK tour, there is no doubt that British Indie Rock band Editors have come beyond far since they formed together in 2002 – after meeting at university and living together.

The Editors new album incorporates the use of synthesisers for a modern take on their sound.

The Editors have so far released two platinum studio albums, selling over 2 Million copies worldwide and despite their rise to fame, the band come across as being down to earth claiming “I only really think that we need to improve with each record and not focus on how successful we are perceived.”

Ed Lay, the drummer of the band spills the beans on their UK tour and refreshingly regenerated album. ‘In this light and on this evening’ has a different sound to it than previous albums ‘The Back Room’ and ‘The End Has a Start.’ He said “We had a few early demos that were decent songs, but they seemed too familiar to us. There were parts from all of us that were like slightly watered down versions of what had come before it, on the first two records. This was not making us feel inspired or satisfied with what we were producing, so we decided to alter the instruments we were writing on to help us achieve something outside of where we had made ourselves comfortable. “

The band has often been compared to bands Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen ferociously by the media. However ‘In this light and on this evening’ brings out the individuality of the Editors, producing a slightly darker, rawer sound than the previous albums by bringing in traditional synthesizers rather than the band’s previous use of guitars. Ed commented “We have allowed ourselves further reaching influences on this record, rather than focusing on specific styles of music. Whether it is travel – we spend a vast amount of time on the road – or the places we live in, the environments we find ourselves in now three albums in, are seeping through onto the record.”

‘Papillion’ and ‘You don’t know love’ were the two songs chosen for single release from the new album, which will be much anticipated by fans visiting them on tour. “Papillon is about the most obvious single we have ever come up with; it had everybody’s head nodding immediately in the studio which is always a good sign. You don’t know love is a different paced song to any we had written before, one with two very distinct sections and a power that we found really interesting, so we thought other people might find it interesting too.”

So what exactly does Papillon mean? “Musically, we threw every idea we could at it, it was a mad mess with so many different parts on the tune that made it pretty difficult to listen to, then we gradually took away the parts that we liked the least and found that the song made sense. The Papillon being referred to in the lyrics is Steve McQueen’s character in the film of the same name, I think Tom had watched it quite a lot as a child, and incorporated it here.”

The band so far seems to be enjoying touring and it seems visiting all the other beautiful cities is one thing that keeps them going. Ed says “It is important to enjoy the cities and towns that we play in. We are in a very privileged position and enjoying it all is key to making sure we don’t miss our homes too much. Well, it would be a real waste if we didn’t enjoy it. We really enjoy going abroad to play though, it feels pretty special to have a song played on the radio in a country other than our own.”

The band are currently working on some songs left over from their album sessions last year and have plenty of fresh ideas that are sure to excite fans in the future. The twilight : New Moon saga film also featured one of the bands softer tracks ‘No sound but the wind’ so how did that come about? “No sound but the wind was actually written by Tom in response to reading a book called ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy. A producer for the Twilight Saga heard it and thought it would really suit the film, but asked if Tom would rewrite some of the lyrics, so it wasn’t so specifically about the Road. He was initially wary, but he actually enjoyed the challenge, so it made it to the soundtrack.”

With all the touring, songwriting and new projects on the go, surely the band can squeeze in some partying to let their hair down? After all, they are a rock and roll band…. Ed says “I’m on the tour bus in my slippers, drinking mint tea.”


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